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Subwoofers - Elipson

A subwoofer will transform your home cinema experience by offering a rich, deep and tuneful bass sound. A high quality subwoofer brings life to a chase in an action movie or bass solo in a live music recording.

Subwoofers are built to deliver impactful lows within a multi-channel speaker system; made up of either small satellite speakersbookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers along with a centre speaker. We also sell pre-selected 5.1 speaker packages.

With more than 50 years in the speaker industry, Elipson offers a range of hi-fi products and stylish spherical speakers, including the Elipson Planet speakers, which take inspiration from the highly regarded BS30 vintage design (circa 1960).

Founder Joseph Leon, born in Bordeaux 1908, was an engineer from the School of Arts and Crafts and passionate in acoustic research. Elipson began in 1938 as a company called Multi-Engine which manufactured toy engines of miniature electric trains. The company's current director and engineer Henry Bazin Maurice Latour made a decision to move towards the development of speakers consisting of a sphere and an ellipsoidal reflector in 1940.

Joseph Leon aimed to concentrate all of the loudspeaker's acoustic energy through the reflector to enhance sound in an ultra-modern design that hadn't been seen before. In developing the system of the conch, Elipson allows sound to use a large space with precision and quality. Each model was worked for a place with a specific commitment; a vent, a specific speaker, a special reflector ellipsoid.

In 1948 Joseph became CEO of the company, going on to change its name to Elipson and instilling research on all-round reflectors and resonators etc. By 1960 the company began the search channel speaker with numerous patents.

Joint research resulted in a first series of around twenty models oriented at 30 degrees with an elliptical princeps, a shift in medium (HP Cabasse), a micro Melodium as a tweeter and positioned mechanical shift to optimize the phase response with other speakers. This model is legendary for its technical advances and aesthetic helping Leon become medallist of the Order of Merit for research and invention.

This collaboration also delivered another legendary model 4050 as well as the accompanying series including the 4240, 502, 402. This assured the public of the success of smaller models like the BS40 and 4040 which were sized for apartments.

In 2009, the company returned to the sources of expertise, with a series of spherical enclosures, L planet that were a modern evolution of the 4050 and the 4260. To meet the needs of both communities and individuals, Elipson offers a range of integrated speakers. High definition and very versatile, these can be used for many applications including conference rooms, shopping centres, amphitheatres, restaurants, shops, hotels, business premises, private dedicated rooms, schools.

Elipson's range will please your eyes as much as your ears and also includes a range of speaker packages, from simple 2.1 desktop solutions, to 5.1 speaker packages for home cinema, through to the highly impressive Sound Tree.

What makes a good Subwoofer? Our carefully selected range of subwoofers are a world apart from mass-produced home cinema systems with subs that can easily distort. A good subwoofer should reproduce a wide frequency range accurately, down to the lowest possible octaves and reproduce bass notes clearly rather than just "rumble".

We provide the best subwoofers for home cinema at various price levels for the best possible performance to give your music, movies and gaming experience that added oomph! Subwoofers come in a range of sizes and shapes – some models are designed to be no-compromise and deliver the best, most dynamic bass possible while others seek to offer improved bass performance from a compact and easy to accommodate unit. The size of the driver, or woofer, is directly related to the bass performance of the subwoofer and the amount of bass it can produce.

Standard woofer sizes range between 8 inches to 12 inches, though larger and smaller models are also available. Some models feature a pair of smaller woofers instead of a single driver, which work together to deliver vibrant bass in a much more compact cabinet. Bass frequencies are largely non-directional so subwoofer placement is substantially easier than placement of typical hi-fi stereo speakers. Having a subwoofer at the back of the room should not sound any different to having it at the front of the room.This means that, while they are often large and bulky, positioning somewhere discrete should be quite easy without affecting the overall sound experience.

Subwoofers are usually “active”, which means they have an internal amplifier to directly output sound at line level from an amplifier or AV receiver. Subwoofer amplifiers are usually “Class D” so they can typically be built to more compact specifications and for maximum efficiency. A subwoofer’s power rating is determined directly via the power of its amplifier so a 400W model features a 400W amplifier internally. There are some passive subwoofers available which require an external amp to power them.

To ensure the maximum possible sound quality, a well-designed subwoofer cabinet is integral. Rigidity and bracing as well as a solid cabinet, prevent unwanted resonance from ruining the coherency of the outputted bass. Subwoofers are isolated from the floor via spikes or isolation feet, which minimise the amount of contact between the subwoofer and the floor, decoupling and isolating it from the surface and preventing unwanted resonance.

Setting up the crossover section of your subwoofer is crucial to the performance of your entire system. To get the best from your home cinema system, the crossover should be configured so the frequency is at a point where your main speakers can handle the frequencies above and your subwoofer can kick in comfortably. The recommended crossover frequency is at 80hZ.

Frequency response is an important measurement of bass performance, measured as a range "40Hz-120Hz". While depth is not the only measurement of performance, it can be a useful measurement of the subwoofer’s capabilities, which when considered with driver size, allows you to better understand what you need for your unique listening space. If you need further help choosing a subwoofer, please call or e-mail us - we can also offer AV demonstrations in our Birmingham showroom.

Subwoofers - Elipson

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