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Subwoofers - Audioengine

A good subwoofer will transform your enjoyment of movies and multi-channel music, by offering rich, deep and tuneful bass response. From the impact of an action scene in a movie or the bass solo on live music, a high quality subwoofer brings all these things to life. A subwoofer is the "0.1" bit in a "5.1" channel system and is therefore ideally used with 5 other speakers, consisting of front and rear speaker pairs (which can either be small satellite speakersbookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers), along with a centre speaker. We also sell pre-selected 5.1 speaker packages.

Audioengine is an independent speaker manufacturer distinguished through high sound quality and ease of use. They focus on powered all-in-one speaker systems that can connect wired or wirelessly for remarkable stereo sound.

Founded in 2005, the Texas-based Audioengine company benefits from the extensive experience of founders Brady and Dave in the tech industry developed through their work for major companies including Harman, Apple, Gibson Guitars, Alesis and others either individually or together. Experts in their field, they launched Audioengine after discovering their shared goal to introduce new audio equipment that is held to the highest possible standards.

Brady and Dave are longtime committed music and technology enthusiasts with a common dream to create a business that promotes a positive and supportive environment without being overshadowed by the politics typical of large corporations. The brand aims to design products that afford longevity through future-proofing and durability.

They began with only one powered speaker, the A5 built to be minimalistic and elegant while flexible enough for use as desktop computer speakers, mounted on stands in your listening area or within a home AV setup. Yet the team wanted to give their customers even more value. After extensive years of hard work, the versatility of their speakers was enhanced further through a number of add-on products compatible with current music systems.

Audioengine still focus on granting an entirely unique listening experience through eventual and necessary updates to their successful product lineup instead of adopting the "me too" follower approach that is common in the industry. In fact, product development is at the core of the company and success if gauged by the amount of the customers who literally smile upon hearing the difference between Audioengine systems compared to anything else.

The company does not need to charge unreasonable prices despite their top-grade designs because they avoid the use of corporate investors or commercial engineering focus groups. Their business model replicates the slick efficiency of their own products.

With a passion to show music-lovers their favourite music just as it was intended to be heard as well as helping them discover and appreciate new music through superior sound quality, Audioengine has succeeded in changing the way in which people listen to music. Now they proudly present a comprehensive product lineup with the audio quality of professional studio monitors granted directly in your living area without the inconvenience of separate stereo receivers or space-consuming passive speakers.

These innovative audio systems are designed to support use with your favourite sound equipment, devices and music streaming apps so you are covered no matter what source or connection you choose. Stream songs from your phone, listening via your laptop while studying or dust off your vintage turntable. Audioengine strives to make your music sound as fantastic as it can... You don't need to be a discerning audiophile to hear the difference!

What is a "good" Subwoofer though? In contrast to cheaper, mass-produced home cinema systems with subs that can easily distort, a good subwoofer should reproduce a wide frequency range accurately, down to the lowest possible octaves and reproduce bass notes clearly rather than just "rumble".

Our carefully selected range of subwoofers are a world apart from lesser alternatives included with cheaper home cinema systems. Our range features the best models we could find at various price levels that provide the best possible low octave performance to give your music, movies and gaming experience that added oomph!

Subwoofers come in a range of sizes and shapes – some models are designed to be no-compromise and deliver the best, most dynamic bass possible while others seek to offer improved bass performance in a compact product that is easy to accommodate in the living room. The size of the driver, or woofer, is directly related to the bass performance of the subwoofer and the amount of bass it can produce. Standard woofer sizes range between 8 inches and 12 inches, though larger and smaller models are available to suit your purposes. Some models feature a pair of smaller woofers, rather than a single driver, which operate in unison to deliver vibrant bass, in a much more compact cabinet.

Bass frequencies are largely non-directional, meaning that subwoofer placement is substantially easier than placement of a typical hi-fi stereo speaker. Having a subwoofer at the back of the room should not sound any different to having it at the front of the room. This means that, while they are often large and bulky, positioning somewhere discrete should be quite easy without affecting the overall sound quality and your cinematic or musical experience.

Subwoofers tend to be “active”, which means that they have an internal amplifier, and allowing sound to be directly outputted at line level from an amplifier or AV receiver. Subwoofer amplifiers are usually “Class D”, which allows them to be built to more compact specifications and offer maximum efficiency. A subwoofer’s power rating is determined directly via the power of its amplifier – so a 400W model features a 400W amplifier internally. There are some passive subwoofers available

To ensure the maximum possible sound quality, a well-designed subwoofer cabinet is integral. Rigidity and bracing, as well as a solid cabinet, prevent unwanted resonance ruining the coherency of the outputted bass. Subwoofers are isolated from the floor via spikes or isolating feet, which minimise the amount of contact between the subwoofer and the floor, decoupling and isolating it from the surface, and preventing unwanted resonance.

Frequency response is an important measurement of  bass performance, and how low it can go. Frequency response is measured as a range, such as 40Hz-120Hz, which in this case would mean the subwoofer is able to produce bass as low as 40Hz. While depth is not the only measurement of performance, it can be a useful measurement of the subwoofer’s capabilities, which when considered with driver size, allows you to understand what you are purchasing a little better.

If you need further help choosing a subwoofer, please call or e-mail us - we can also offer AV demonstrations in our Birmingham showroom.

Subwoofers - Audioengine

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