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A good subwoofer will transform your enjoyment of movies and multi-channel music, by offering rich, deep and tuneful bass response. From the impact of an action scene in a movie or the bass solo on live music, a high quality subwoofer brings all these things to life. A subwoofer is the "0.1" bit in a "5.1" channel system and is therefore ideally used with 5 other speakers, consisting of front and rear speaker pairs (which can either be small satellite speakersbookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers), along with a centre speaker. We also sell pre-selected 5.1 speaker packages.

Audio Pro has made speakers from their Swedish HQ since 1978. Their current product range has received many awards and includes wireless speakers, multi room audio and powerful subwoofers with a range of sizes and colours available.

More than four decades ago, Audio Pro began building powered speakers with a singular goal to deliver the best audio quality at the best possible price. Audio Pro, today is available in over forty five countries and on four continents. The company aims to set themselves apart from other speaker manufacturers by their advanced pure bass and great sound quality.

Their first radical solution was the sensational 14-litre A4.14 speaker with integrated amp and ACE-Bass which allows a deep bass from small subwoofers and was developed by engineer Karl-Erik Ståhl; the man behind many of the brand's proprietary smart innovations. B2.50 powered sub was introduced at one of the largest audio shows worldwide with a renowned American audio magazine editor claiming they had acheived the impossible.

In 1980, ACE Plus was introduced with the small A2.2 speaker to lower the speaker size but retain the deep bass. A decade later, the B1.20 powered subwoofer was built and stayed in production for almost 20 years. The 2000s saw the dawn of the Allroom mini speakers which came in 10 colour variations along with the Stereo One mini hifi system which is still a classic and reference model. Awarded time and again for its remarkable sound, the Addon T3 Portable wireless speaker sits on a level of its own. Living LV3 added the first true high definition hifi wireless solution to Audio Pro’s lineup giving it cult status.

In the last 10 years, Audio Pro has introduced the wireless Addon series combining minimalism with award winning sound and entered the multiroom market with an entire family of wifi multiroom speakers like the Addon C3, Drumfire, A10 and A40. Multiroom Hifi plays what you want in true high fidelity from wherever you want throughout your whole home and unlike rivals, feature Bluetooth as well as wifi providing an easy alternative to play wireless music with no wifi network. The C5 and C10 speakers convey your playlist in style, Link 1 grants your other audio gear multiroom capability while the small C-SUB subwoofer adds ultra-punchy bass.

What is a "good" Subwoofer though? In contrast to cheaper, mass-produced home cinema systems with subs that can easily distort, a good subwoofer should reproduce a wide frequency range accurately, down to the lowest possible octaves and reproduce bass notes clearly rather than just "rumble".

Our carefully selected range of subwoofers are a world apart from lesser alternatives included with cheaper home cinema systems. Our range features the best models we could find at various price levels that provide the best possible low octave performance to give your music, movies and gaming experience that added oomph!

Subwoofers come in a range of sizes and shapes – some models are designed to be no-compromise and deliver the best, most dynamic bass possible while others seek to offer improved bass performance in a compact product that is easy to accommodate in the living room. The size of the driver, or woofer, is directly related to the bass performance of the subwoofer and the amount of bass it can produce. Standard woofer sizes range between 8 inches and 12 inches, though larger and smaller models are available to suit your purposes. Some models feature a pair of smaller woofers, rather than a single driver, which operate in unison to deliver vibrant bass, in a much more compact cabinet.

Bass frequencies are largely non-directional, meaning that subwoofer placement is substantially easier than placement of a typical hi-fi stereo speaker. Having a subwoofer at the back of the room should not sound any different to having it at the front of the room. This means that, while they are often large and bulky, positioning somewhere discrete should be quite easy without affecting the overall sound quality and your cinematic or musical experience.

Subwoofers tend to be “active”, which means that they have an internal amplifier, and allowing sound to be directly outputted at line level from an amplifier or AV receiver. Subwoofer amplifiers are usually “Class D”, which allows them to be built to more compact specifications and offer maximum efficiency. A subwoofer’s power rating is determined directly via the power of its amplifier – so a 400W model features a 400W amplifier internally. There are some passive subwoofers available

To ensure the maximum possible sound quality, a well-designed subwoofer cabinet is integral. Rigidity and bracing, as well as a solid cabinet, prevent unwanted resonance ruining the coherency of the outputted bass. Subwoofers are isolated from the floor via spikes or isolating feet, which minimise the amount of contact between the subwoofer and the floor, decoupling and isolating it from the surface, and preventing unwanted resonance.

Frequency response is an important measurement of  bass performance, and how low it can go. Frequency response is measured as a range, such as 40Hz-120Hz, which in this case would mean the subwoofer is able to produce bass as low as 40Hz. While depth is not the only measurement of performance, it can be a useful measurement of the subwoofer’s capabilities, which when considered with driver size, allows you to understand what you are purchasing a little better.

If you need further help choosing a subwoofer, please call or e-mail us - we can also offer AV demonstrations in our Birmingham showroom.

Subwoofers - Audio Pro

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