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Floor Standing Speakers - Dali Speakers

Floorstanding speakers, also known as floorstanders, are a full height alternative to bookshelf speakers, designed to be placed directly on the floor (on carpet or wooden floors with suitable floor protectors). Floorstanding speakers are often regarded as the best hi-fi loudspeaker design as the larger cabinets offer greater bass response and scale. Unlike bookshelf speakers which often require dedicated speaker stands to sound their best, floorstanders aren't affected by stands. They are designed to sound good on their own. The floorstanders in this section are passive, so must be used with a suitable hi-fi amplifier. If you need advice on speaker choice and/or amplifier matching, please call or e-mail us). All models include free UK delivery and our 30 day money back guarantee.

DALI (Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries) has designed, developed and made hi-fi speakers since 1983. Driven by a never-ending desire to create only outstanding speakers, the current DALI range includes Zensor, Oberon, Opticon, Mentor, Rubicon and flagship Epicon.

DALI offer a wide range of loudspeakers, aimed to cater for the entry-level and budget consumer, as well as the high-end reference user and audiophile market. DALI products are as highly regarded for their AV excellence as they are for their stereo usage and are available in a variety of our 5.1 and 7.1 AV Speaker Packages.

DALI’s attention to detail and design is frequently rewarded by the hi-fi press, who have given exceptional reviews to many of DALI’s speakers, earning DALI its place among the top hi-fi brands.

Floorstanding Speakers also make excellent stereo hi-fi speakers, as the scale and soundstage can make music more holographic and lifelike. A great pair of floorstanding speakers will instantly upgrade your home cinema or hi-fi system and deliver a controlled and bass heavy performance. The bass performance eliminates the need for an additional subwoofer, and adds weight and authority to your favourite music.

One benefit of floor standing Speakers is that they are instantly ready for setup and positioning, whereas a bookshelf speakers will require a speaker stand, position tweaking and varying amounts of stand filler to tailor bass performance. Just as adding mass to a speaker stand will improve the scale and authority of bass performance, a weighty floor standing speaker cabinet can also improve the dynamics, depth and authority of the bass as it uses the entirety of the cabinet to create bass resonance.

Floorstanding speakers should be decoupled from the floor using isolation cones or feet which minimise the surface area in contact with the floor. If you have a wooden floor or are worried about damage, floor protectors will act as a barrier between the floor and the spike to prevent any damage.

Floorstanders also tend to be more sensitive than bookshelf speakers which, in turn, makes them easier to drive and power. This means that a floorstander is suitable for use with a much wider range of amplifiers and power outputs, and an amplifier with a much lower power output may be sufficient. Due to the fact floorstanders move more air around the listening room yet use similar amounts of power as bookshelf speakers, they may be far more efficient.

These loudspeakers tend to perform better when given a little bit of space in the room, to prevent interaction with back walls or the bass booming. Some speakers feature front ports or downward-firing ports, enabling them to be positioned closer to a wall, but generally speaking allowing some space can result in optimum performance.

Floorstanding speakers can range from small and discreet to large and authoritarian. If you're looking for large speakers for a home cinema set-up, the added size of floorstanders results in greater soundstage and improved imaging. This puts you in the centre of the action and gives the impression that movie soundtracks or music are tangible and presented directly in front of you. It is for this reason that many enthusiasts choose the best floorstanding speakers to act as the front channel in an AV surround sound speaker system. These listeners benefit from a greater, more immersive soundstage and dynamics that are deep, and powerful for an amazingly detailed and realistic home cinema experience.

Don't forget, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link and the performance of your speakers can be degraded by poor quality speaker cable. As a general rule of thumb, we recommend spending around 10% of spend on speaker cables. Please call or e-mail us for any further assistance.

Floor Standing Speakers - Dali Speakers

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