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Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MkII Upgrade Power Supply


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Upgrade your audio devices with the BOTW P&P ECO MkII which provides your equipment with clean power filtered for the optimum sound quality. See list of compatible models below.

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Warranty length 2 Years
Brand Sbooster

Tech Specs

- Output Voltage & Current: 12V - 3A, 13V - 2.25A, 13.5V - 2.1A
- Mains Voltage: 100 Volt AC 50/60Hz, 110 Volt AC 50/60Hz,
- 115 Volt AC 50/60Hz, 120 Volt AC 50/60Hz
- 220 Volt AC 50/60Hz, 230 Volt AC 50/60Hz
- 240 Volt AC 50/60Hz
- Transformer: 50VA audio grade toroidal with electrostatic and magnetic shielding
- Mains filter: High performance dual stage mains filter with earth line choke
- Rectifier bridge: Power Schottky barrier rectifiers
- Bulk capacitors: Low Impedance High Ripple Current Capacitors
- Regulator: High-current ultra fast transient response LDO with external high precision shunt reference circuit
- Filter capacitors: Non inductive polypropylene film capacitors
- DC power cord: 95cm 16 AWG spiral shielded, additional shielding and qualitly sleeving
- integrated Sbooster Split-current system and interchangeable gold plated DC-plug-connector
- Mains cable: Stock supplied
- Dimension: 240*130*75mm
- Weight: 1.85Kg
- Safety approvals: CE/GS/CCC/KC/CTUVUS/FCC/PSB IEC60065 standard

Product Description

Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MkII Upgrade Power Supply has been developed off the back of the hugely successful BOTW P&P ECO which gained its popularity after being launched in Summer 2015. This model efficiently upgrades your equipment by providing a more powerful, precise current for an optimised performance.

How does it work?

Enhance the audio quality of your equipment with the BOTW P&P ECO MkII. This upgrade power starts to purify the power supply at the point of entry, and uses a dual main filter along with an earth line choke to clean the current from noise pollution before it reaches the custom made magnetic shielded transformer.

Efficient Design

The latest Eco Power Supply features a highly efficient design. It uses 35% less energy compared to that of conventional power supplies, and 50% more output of the connected electronics.The Eco MkII Upgrade power supply provides an enhanced sound experience without the pollution of a switch mode adaptor and with nearly the same low energy consumption.

Purified Power

The BOTW P&P Eco upgrade power supply provides the unique split current system with a powerful, purified and clean power supply that will make your audio equipment perform at a higher level. The power supply is boosted, and filtered right before the voltage and current enters your audio device providing a spacious soundstage and natural listening experience.

Please Note

The BOTW P&P ECO upgrade power supplies are equipped with an interchangeable DC-tip system and have selectable output voltages. The higher output settings are intended for the use of the Sbooster Ultra power supply add-on.

The BOTW P&P ECO MKII is available in a 100/110/115/120/220/230/240V AC 50/60Hz version. With your order, please select the version that meets your local mains voltage. Additionally, you can select one of the four mains cable variants. If you prefer to use a special audio grade power cord with the BOTW P&P ECO please note that the mains cable has to be equipped with an IEC 13 connector.

This table lists which models this Power Supply is compatible with.

Brand Model Voltage Optional
AMI Muse AMI MUSIK DDH-1 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Antipodes Audio DS Base / DS GT / DS EDGE 12V -
Arcam airDAC - Airplay & UPnP DAC 12V -
Arcam rHead 12V -
Arcam irDAC/ irDAC II 12V -
Audinst HUD-DX1 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Audinst HUD-MX1/ HUD-MX2  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
B.M.C. Audio PureMedia 12V -
Bel Canto DAC1.5 12V -
Bel Canto CD2 CD player 24/96  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Bel Canto FM1 FM Tuner 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Beresford TC-7110 Capella Headphone Amp. 12V -
Beresford TC-7530DC/ TC-7533DC DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Bluesound VAULT I 12V -
Bryston  BDP-π 12V -
Cambridge Audio DacMagic PLUS/100/iD100 Dock 12V -
Chord Chordette DUAL 12V -
Chord Chordette Gem DAC 12V -
Chord Prime stereo preamplifier 12V -
Chord TX headphone amplifier 12V -
Chord 2Qute DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Chord Chordette QuteHD/ EX DSD DAC 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Chord INDEX Network Music player 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Computer Audiophile  v3 Carbon/Lagoon/Topanga 12V -
Dangerous Music Source 12V -
Digibit Aria mini/ Piccolo 12V -
DSPeaker Anti-Mode 2.0 Dual Core 12V -
Dynavector P75 Mk.III 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Elac  Discovery Music Server 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Empirical Audio Off-Ramp 5 12V -
Empirical Audio Synchro-Mesh 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e22 DSD256 DAC / Playpoint 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e28 DSD256 multi-channel DAC 12V -
exaSound Audio Design   e12 DAC & e20 DAC Mk III 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
HFX Solid E4 / V4 12V -
JAVS X-DCC Reserve/ plus+ 12V -
Lead Audio LA 100/ LA 120 A/B 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
LH Labs Geek Pulse/ Pulse X/ Xfi 12V -
Lumin D1/ L1 12V -
Lynx Studio Technology Hilo Reference  12V -
M2TECH Evo Clock Two 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
M2TECH Evo DAC Two / Plus 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
M2TECH Hiface Evo Two 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Magic TV  MTV1000/ 3300D/ 3800D/ 8000D 12V -
Meridian Audio Media Core 200 12V -
Meridian Audio Meridian Prime 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Meridian Audio Audio Core 200 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP 2x8/8x8 (kit) 12V -
MiniDSP DDRC-24 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
MiniDSP DDRC-88A 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP (Kit) 2x4 5V - 24V DC 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP 4x10/10x10 Hd 12V -
MiniDSP miniDSP Balanced (Kit) 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Moon 180 MiND Music Streamer 12V -
Music Hall Dac15.2 12V -
Musical Fidelity V-CAN/ V-CAN II 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-DAC/ V90-BLU/V-DAC/ V-DAC II 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-BHA/ V90-HPA 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity V90-LPS 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Musical Surroundings MYDAC II  12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Mytek Digital Brooklyn DAC 12V -
Naim Audio UnitiServe  12V -
Pathos Acoustics SRL Aurium 12V -
Ratoc Audio Lab RAL-DSDHA1  12V -
RME - Audio Solutions Babyface (+USB isolator!) 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
RME - Audio Solutions MADIface XT/ MADIface Pro 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
RME - Audio Solutions ADI-2 PRO 12V -
Rotel RDD-06 12V -
Rupert Neve 5017/5032/5033/5043 12V -
Russ Andrews Clarity Pro  12V -
SOtM SOtM sMS-200 12V Sbooster Ultra 12V
Stax SRM-212/ SRM-252S 12V -
Toany High Fidelity TD-192/ TD-384SE 12V -
URBAN HIFI microZOTL2.0 headphone amp. 12V -
Waversa Systems W Mini NAS / DAC 12V -




Alpha Design Labs Furutech Esprit DAC 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design Labs GT40α USB DAC  15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Alpha Design Labs Stratos DAC 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Auralic Aries LE/Femto/Mini 15V/16V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Beresford TC-7520SEG/ Caiman+ 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Beresford TC-7534 Caiman Mark II 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Beresford CAIMAN SEG TC-7535  15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Denon DA-300USB 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Exogal  Comet DAC 15V -
FiiO QOGIR-E09K 15V -
iFi Audio micro – iPhono2 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
iFi Audio micro - iCAN SE 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Linnenberg-audio VIVACE 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECH Marley 15V -
M2TECH Joplin / Joplin-MK2 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
M2TECH Young / Young DSD 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
Martin Logan  ElectroMotion ESL/ ESL X 15V -
Martin Logan  ESL 9 Classic 15V -
Martin Logan  Theos 15V -
Nuforce Icon HD/ Icon HDP 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions ADI-2/ ADI-4 DD 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions Fireface UC/ Fireface UCX 15V -
RME - Audio Solutions QuadMic II 15V Sbooster Ultra 15V
RME - Audio Solutions Multiface II 15V -
Topping     D20 DAC / D3 DAC 15V -
Topping     D3 DAC 15V -




Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold 384 kHz DAC 18V -
Antelope Audio Zodiac+ Mastering DAC 18V -
Antelope Audio Zen Studio Portable  18V -
Auralic Gemini 19V -
B.M.C. Audio MiniMedia 19V -
Centrance DACmini™ CX  18V -
HFX AssetNAS D4  19V -
Moon MOON 110LP Phono Preamplifier 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Speed Box DS/ S 18V -
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject CD Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject DAC Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Head Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Phono Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Phono Box DS+   18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Pre Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Stream Box DS+   18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
Pro-ject/ BOX DESIGN Pro-Ject Tube Box DS 18V Sbooster Ultra 18V
SOtM sMS-1000 A/D/U 19V -




Merk /Brand Model Device type
Creek OBH-11 Headphone Amp
Creek OBH-15 Mk2 Phono Preamplifier
Creek OBH-21MK2 Headphone Amp
Dr. Feikert Woodpecker * Turntable 
Graham Slee Accession Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Elevator EXP Preamplifier
Graham Slee Era Gold V Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Gram Amp 2  Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Gram Amp 3 Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Jazz Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Novo Headphone Amp
Graham Slee Reflex C Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Reflex M Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Revelation Phono Preamplifier
Graham Slee Solo Headphone Amp
Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ Phono Preamplifier
Octave  EQ.2 ** Phono Preamplifier
Pathos Acoustics SRL Converto DAC
Rothwell Rialto Phono stage
Rothwell Simplex Phono stage
Rothwell Headspace Headphone Amp
Rupert Neve RNHP Headphone Amp
Soundsmith MMP3 / MMP4 / MCP2 Phono Preamplifier
Soundsmith SG200 - SG210 - SG230 Phono Preamplifier

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