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Meze 99 Classics Headphones - Walnut/Gold

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The best selling Meze model we sell. Also available in Walnut/Silver
or packaged with the iFi xCan headphone amp.

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Condition: Brand new in original retail packaging

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Warranty length 2 Years
Brand Meze Headphones

Tech Specs

- Transducer size: 40mm
- Freq response: 15Hz - 25KHz
- Sensitivity: 103dB @1KHz, 1mW
- Impedance: 32 Ohm
- Rated input power: 30mW
- Max input power: 50mW
- Cable: detachable Kevlar OFC
- Plug: 3.5mm gold plated
- Weight: 260g w/o cables
- Earcups: Walnut or maple

Product Description

Meze 99 Classics Headphones are the latest in the Classics series and this version is supplied in the Walnut and Gold finish. They promise to deliver flawless natural sound even to the most discerning of music lovers.


The ear-cups made of walnut wood alongside the plush earpads and spring steel headband brand the 99 Classics an heirloom instead of merely another pair of headphones. Wood grain, much like fingerprints, is distinctively unique meaning each pair of Meze headphones are inimitable.

Thanks to a robust construction and accurate assembly, the headphones are built to feel exquisite to the touch. The stylish satin-finished wood grain ear-cups let you recline and forget you are wearing them as you are immersed in your favourite music from the pluck of strings to the thumping beats.


Meze meets it criteria for ultimate excellence in each module intended for the 99 Classics. Stepping away from the standard plastic seen in many rivals, Meze selects CNC carved wood for the earcups, cast zinc alloy hardware coated using electroplating, embossed manganese spring steel headband with luxury memory foam and soft PU leather.

In addition to the standard warranty, Meze assures the 99's are infinitely serviceable in the case of any components needing replacement. This is because these headphones were built to endure elongated use not just a couple of years. No glue, just nuts and bolts.

Customer Reviews

  • Stefan

    1 Mar 2019

    I would just like to thank Razvan for his Review, for this has made my mind up on many different clauses that were stopping me buying something than I have brought in the Past....Many Thanks.
  • Razvan Porumb

    2 Sep 2017

    The Meze 99 Classics are some weird beasts - in a weirdly good way. It is not easy to express why or how they're so special. You put them on and they sound good - in a 'sellable-on-the-high-street' sort of way, with a loud sound, plenty of highs and lows and spectacular grin-inducing sonic fireworks. Not always a good sign, if you're looking for a serious set of phones - plus there are gazillions of high-street headphones displaying the same 'winning' gimmicks. So what's the deal with the 99 Classics - is there a catch, somewhere? Yes, there is, but that's only revealed after a longer discerning listen. Patience. If I were stupid enough to venture a description of their sound in one sentence, that would be: the Classic 99s are like studio professional headphones tuned in for audiophiles (which could also be a blanket definition for audiophile home-listening equipment in general). The genius of the Mezes comes from this tuning process - the balanced character of the sound, the way, for instance, bass was emphasised, but not too much, retaining a tuneful character that doesn't drown the music and orchestral details in a deep grumble. The way that treble are extended to a degree, but preserve a silky quality to them, never detracting from the overall musical balance. And if there is a (always popular) upper-midrange recess (if!) then that's very gentle and details remain neutral and sufficient in that essential area. And more that anything - and that's the scary part - distortion remains satanically low, practically non-existent. There is a purity to natural instruments - like pianos, acoustic guitars, cymbals - that's very hard to find south of £500. Ok, some of that purity and sweetness has reminded me of the famed Sennheiser HD600 - but those are much harder to drive, and their sound is more studio-neutral. So you get that purity, that incredibly low level of distortion, that supremely balanced enjoyable but refined sound - plus these phones are crazily made of wood, a visual choice more than anything, but a rather expensive choice none the less. All this for around £270! (and yes the overall packaging is incredibly luxurious, with the box padded on the inside - though, for some reason, such excesses don't really please me - but that's a personal preference). And yet a lot of people complain the Mezes are expensive. I guess simply because they're not an established brand yet.
    Reviewers often call the 99 Classics unfussy, and so they are, as you could just plug them into any phone, or MP3 player and the volume level will be loud enough - very loud! - not to warrant a separated dedicated amp. Also, the sound seems good irrespective of the source. But they are not unfussy. First of all there is the earpads issue. Meze first produced the 99 Classics with smaller, firmer pads - a combination which brought them instant recognition among reviewers, but also a host of complaints that they are rather uncomfortable for people with larger ears. Meze then, in a rare sign that reveals the company's youth and lack of experience, accommodated the market by pairing their phones with larger, softer pads - without updating the product denomination (no '99.1', or any such thing). Unsurprisingly, perhaps, this changed the sound signature quite a bit, and the market was flooded by two variants of Meze 99s, some with smaller pads, some with larger ones. And, more importantly, with two different sound signatures. There was also a change in the cables used, as the ones used initially were a bit noisy when rubbing against clothes or neck. But that's not to my mind a change worth debating. The pads however were a major change. Not necessarily for the worse - I listened to the 99s with both types of pads, and I happen to like the larger ones. The sound with the smaller pads is tighter, more neutral with more tuneful and less extended bass. The larger pads give a 'warmer', 'softer' sound, with the bass more extended but less controlled. The purity of the midrange and treble remains the same, and the overall balance of the sound is still commendable, by audiophile standards. The problem with the larger pads, as far as I can see (also pointed out by the always reliable Tyll Hertsens) is that it's hard to place them securely on your head, as their position is rather unstable, and they can shift, for instance, when moving one's head more abruptly. This also means you can't just slip them on and they'll immediately sound great. What I discovered one needs to do - and that can be a bit of an inconvenience - is to take some time when putting them on, to make sure they make good contact with the skin, and to push them firmly onto your head to ensure firm contact with your skull. If/when that's achieved the sound is great - just make sure you don't move about too much! (Which is hard as these phones can be dance-inducing at times!). The issue of the two types of earpads is however a bit of a pain, as you have to check back and forth with the seller and with Meze to understand which of the pads you have drawn in this lottery. And of course any respectable audiophile would want to try both pads! Fortunately a number of UK dealers (among whom Audioaffair) provide both pads at no extra cost. Also fortunately, Meze are very quick, efficient and courteous in replying to customers, so this first blunder can be forgiven - given the overall quality of the product.
    Mention must also be made about the 'fussiness' related to the source material. Yes, you could plug the 99 Classics into any phone and they'll sound decent. But they will reveal the differences in the source material like crazy. You will very clearly, for instance, hear the difference between an average mobile and a better player (most phones will sound rubbish, compared for instance with a - preferably older - iPod or iPad). Also, you will very clearly hear the difference between a lower and a higher resolution MP3, or between a compressed file and a lossless one. So don't assume that, just because they're loud, the Mezes will be easily married with any portable device. You'll need a good player for them to shine.
    The Meze describe their product as having a degree of portability - mostly due to the shorter provided cable with remote and microphone and the excellent carrying case. And you can indeed take them for a walk or in a cafe as they are closed-backed and the way they isolate outside noise is unexpectedly satisfactory. So yes, a competitor to the Momentums, which are certainly not smaller, but also make a definitive claim to portability. The Momentums are amazing headphones, displaying a remarkable 'rightness' of sound, equally trying to reconcile a 'popular' sound (with plenty of bass and 'pyrotechnics') with audiophile sensitivities - and in many ways the two headphones are rather similar. But there's no way the Momentums can match the eerie purity of the Meze's sound, which bring more neutrality into the equation, more honesty without sacrificing excitement. How exactly a small Romanian firm has achieved this feat against the decades-long genius of Sennheiser is beyond understanding. But this is a bit of a crazy world - and perhaps that's precisely the sort of marvel that retains the element of wonder in the world of hifi. More such miracles, please!
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