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Turntable Essentials - Loricraft

Turntable essentials and accessories are designed to get the very best sound from your turntable set-up and vinyl record collection. We also sell a large range of turntablesphono cartridges and phono stages and also turntable wall shelves to get the very best sound from your record collection.

LoriCraft is a manufacturer of professional record cleaner machines. Loricraft design their record cleaner machines with a focus on operational speed to suit the vinyl enthusiasts, shops and libraries that use them.

Located in the picturesque village of Lambourn Berkshire, Loricraft Audio was established by Terry O'Sullivan who has a unique insight into the design philosophy behind their world-renowned idler wheel turntables. Comprising a small-dedicated team of engineers, the companies ethos and work ethic is 'the equipment comes first.'

The engineers’ commitment to vinyl reproduction is evident in the development of the Loricraft range of professional record cleaning machines. They now have a range of models from the compact PRC3, the more powerful PRC4 to top of the of the range PRC6 and the PRC5 which can clean records up to huge 20" in diameter. The Loricraft range of professional record cleaning machines are all based on an original Percy Wilson design developed and used at the BBC record archive.

The range of cleaners has been extended in response to customer demands for real wood veneer finishes, even more powerful and quieter vacuum pumps as well as including forward and reverse movement. In addition to the professional quality vinyl record cleaning equipment, Loricraft also produces stabilised power supplies, phono stages, accessories, turntable mats, and L'Art du Son cleaning liquid as well as the acclaimed and new Garrard 501 reference turntable.

Many turntables include or offer a dust cover which protects against dust and particles that can affect the playback of your vinyl records. Dust can get in the grooves of your record or on your cartridge’s stylus and deteriorate the sound you experience, manifested through pops, crackles and loss of detail in music. Protecting your turntable from dust and maintaining your stylus and records is essential for best possible performance.

A key component of any turntable is the platter – the disc on which the record is placed. Different materials have different sonic properties, and deal with resonance in a different manner. Many higher end models use higher-mass platters and a range of materials to truly isolate and decouple the platter from resonance, vibration and motor noise. Many manufacturers offer platter upgrades, letting you upgrade your platter and improve the quality of your existing turntable. Acrylic, glass and aluminium platters are common upgrades which can increase performance of your vinyl playback.

In order for the record to play continuously, the platter needs to rotate or spin. Turntables have two varying approaches to this. The typical manner of achieving this is a belt-drive design, where a rubber belt attaches to a motor and in turn round the platter and controls the speed at which the platter turns. This is the method employed by most turntables. The drive belt will need to be replaced from time to time, as a stretched or worn drive belt can affect playback speed and result in a record being too slow or fast. The other method is direct drive, in which a motor directly turns the platter. This is the manner many higher end turntables control speed, and presents a different consideration for designers as the motor vibrations need to be isolated and controlled differently as the motor is connected to the platter directly and thus can have a greater effect on playback.

The output signal from a phono cartridge is typically very low, even more so if your cartridge is Moving Coil (MC). For this reason, before you connect to an amplifier, the output signal needs to be boosted. This is typically done by a phono stage which can be a separate standalone product or included on the turntable itself. Many integrated amplifiers also feature an internal phono stage, known as a “phono input”, allowing you to connect directly to this input. If your turntable features a phono stage then it can be connected to any amplifier directly.

Turntable Essentials - Loricraft

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