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Power Amplifiers - Emotiva

A dedicated power amplifier and pre amplifier hifi separate system is an aspiration for many music lovers as this set-up usually offers superior performance over a single box integrated amplifier. Both stereo and mono power amps are supplied. Using 2 mono or "monoblok" power amps instead of a sole stereo model gives even greater performance. You can even upgrade to 4 monobloks for bi-wirable speakers (two on either side powering each driver) or 6 monobloks on triwirable speakers. You can directly link a power amp to your music source if the source features built in pre amp but a dedicated pre amp is generally recommended to also offer source selection and volume control. We also sell multi-channel power amps for home cinema. Need advice choosing? Please call us or email us for advice.

Emotiva launched with the goal of creating premium hi-fi and AV products at very affordable prices. Emotiva’s entry into the UK market has already been greeted with several "Editors Choice" awards and excellent reviews.

As premium audio market has become a dwindling market with ever-inflating prices, the value of auditory bliss has got out of reach for most audiophiles. Therefore, novel enthusiasts have had to settle for lesser hi-fi quality systems. However, Dan Laufman and his team spotted the market inefficiencies and ever increasing prices. So while they were aiding some renowned audio brands in manufacturing their gear, they also decided to create Emotiva.

The goal of Emotiva is to create great performing home theatre and audio equipment that is within the budget most audio enthusiasts. Everyone in the Emotiva, from the engineering team, the manufacturing group, to the support staff, have your ultimate home entertainment experience at the forefront of their mind.

What makes Emotiva different from many other home entertainment manufacturers, is that they are passionate enthusiasts themselves who enjoy the experience of using Emotiva products equally as much as designing and building them.

Emotiva brings you hi-fi quality sound, by combining the latest engineering technology with the top quality components of more expensive ‘audiophile products,’ without the high price. For example the Emotiva Basx units are very competitive priced, and if you assess the versatility of the Emotiva a-100 basx you can understand that the listener is paramount to their philosophy. Many of the Emotiva units are modular and upgradeable, and all of them deliver top quality acoustic performance to last a lifetime.

Using an individual power amp and pre amplifier is considered the pinnacle of audio and most premium systems and no expense spared hi-fis use separate power and pre amplifiers. Breaking down equipment into as many separate boxes as possible is a principle used in most aspects of hi-fi, due to the acoustic benefits that can be achieved. When using a one-box unit such as an integrated amplifier, power supplies for both the pre and power amp circuitry are housed within the same unit. Power supplies are typically “noisy” and can add unwanted resonance when poorly isolated. By separating these components as much as possible, the power supplies are also separated, preventing unwanted resonance from affecting the overall sound quality.

Power amps receive an input from a pre amplifier via RCA input, with some models offering alternative inputs such as balanced XLR. Output to speakers is then taken from the speaker terminals also known as speaker “taps”. Speaker terminals generally accept spade plugs, banana plugs as well as bare wire. However, some brands like Naim and Cyrus accept only proprietary BFA or banana plugs, so please check before purchasing if you wish to use existing pre-terminated cables with your amp. Most of the power amplifiers we offer are made for stereo use and suitable for driving a pair of speakers. Some power amplifiers can drive two pairs of speakers though if you need a multi-channel setup such as a home cinema surround sound speaker system, an AV Receiver may be more appropriate.

Power amps drive your speakers with output quoted in watts (e.g. 50W per channel or 100W per channel). When choosing a model, consult the recommended amplifier power for your speakers. Delivering suitable and appropriate power to your speakers is key to getting the best possible sound quality from them and your system. Using an amplifier with too little power for your speakers can result in a lacklustre and underwhelming performance, while an amp with too much power can result in overdriving your speakers and potentially damaging them. Some amplifiers, particularly those which are valve-based or Class A designs will be rated with a lower power rating, due to the nature of their designs and their efficiencies. Such amps can deliver stunning sound but can be harder to pair with speakers based on statistsics as a lower power rating may not equate to the same power rating on a solid state design. Feel free to get in touch to discuss pairing or to arrange a demonstration of one of these models.

Power Amplifiers - Emotiva

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