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Hi-Fi - Arcam

A well set-up hi-fi system can sound incredible and dramatically improve your enjoyment of music. We specialise in proper hi-fi separates and matching these to suitable hi-fi speakers and pride ourselves on offering expert advice by phone or e-mail and in our showroom. Our carefully selected range of hi-fi equipment includes many industry award winners and spans between great value products, exclusive Audio Affair hi-fi offers and some of the finest music systems available.

You can browse our range of Hi-fi Separates, which includes hi-fi amplifiers and music "source" components, like hi-fi streamers (for enjoying music over the internet and stored on your home network), DACs (for the best sound from your Mac or PC), media servers (for storing music including high res files) and CD players. We also sell a range of one-box hi-fi systems like the Naim Uniti range - just add speakers!

You can also browse our range of Turntables & Cartridges to view our range of turntables, phono cartridges and turntable phono stages (pre-amps) or select Vinyl & Accessories to browse our range of music LPs and turntable essentials and upgrades.

We pride ourselves on good service. If you need any further advice on a new hi-fi system or upgrade for your existing system, please call or e-mail us.

Arcam is an award-winning British hi-fi brand widely recognised as an industry leader. The highly reputable brand prides themselves on producing hi-fi and AV equipment which will last, both in terms of technology and build quality.

Operating since 1972 in Cambridge, Arcam products are designed with purity and simplicity in mind, which has resulted acclaim and loyalty from music lovers. Their products are built with a simplistic design philosophy in mind helping their products stand the test of time and surpass even the most progressive competitors. Whether it is their DAC units, AV receivers or the new miniblink, Arcam continually impress us with their innovation.

Arcam’s focus is to bring simplicity and quality together through their products, and to unite customers with their music through this philosophy. Their audio solutions enable enjoyment of uncompromising music from numerous sources whether you're working, travelling or playing. Their commitment to engineering products that deliver a level of audio performance so convincing and lifelike it engulfs you in the emotion of the music and movies. They expanded into home cinema developing DVD and Blu-ray players engineered from decades of experience in CD players to ensure better delivery of all-round performance than other brands.

Their FMJ home cinema and stereo range is perfect for audiophiles seeking flagship acoustic performance, rSeries is the ideal bridge between the newest audio formats and your hi-fi or home cinema set up while the design of the HDA series exploits all of Arcam’s previous experience. Solo redefines the look and sound of compact Hi-Fi & Movie systems bringing Arcam's signature audio into 'non Hi-Fi' homes. From their budget products, DAC’s, mini blink and rblink Bluetooth receivers, right up to their high-end amplifiers, and AV equipment, Arcam products are built with perfection in mind, both in terms of their build quality and audio quality.

Hi-fi and home AV systems are forever evolving and Arcam keeps up to speed with the latest developments. The brand is confident they can engineer systems for the absolute best reproduction from whatever format is available. Arcam is delivering countless more ways to adopt to the fast-changing entertainment world and producing new products to make the most of whatever the future brings.

All Arcam models are available to listen to in our showroom. Please call or e-mail us to arrange.

Traditional hi-fi speakers (either bookshelf speakers or floorstanding speakers) are passive and require a separate hi-fi amplifier. The most popular type of amplifier is an integrated amplifier (a single box designed to be the heart of your hi-fi system, connecting to all of your music "source" components like hi-fi streamer, CD player etc and to your speakers).

Generally however, the most desireable and best sounding type of amplification though is to have a separate power amplifier (which connect to your speakers) and pre amplifier (which connects to your music "sources" and the power amplifier). By having these two boxes rather than one combined box (hence the word "integrated"), each box is designed specifically to perform that part of the amplification and by splitting these duties up, each section benefits from this dedicated design, separate power supplies, and sometimes better components, resulting in better sound quality through your speakers.

Whatever your choice and budget for amplifier and speakers, we have a range of equipment to suit. We also sell a range of valve amplifiers, which offer a warm, rich sound and a heritage of hi-fi listening that is as endearing to look at as it is to listen to. This valve amplifier range also includes in itself both "integrated" and "pre" / "power" valve amp models.

As mentioned, our range of music "sources" is also comprehensive. Hi-fi streaming has gradually taken over CD players (although we still offer CD players and dedicated CD transports which can be connected directly to a DAC). Streaming music didn't used to be taken very seriously in the hi-fi community back in the days of mp3s and highly compressed audio viles, but with the advent of better content available online, using a hi-fi streamer is now a serious option as a music source and can even sound better than a CD player if you play and collect high res audio files. 

The popularity of turntables for playing vinyl has also massively increased in past years (beyond that of CD players) but please note that your hi-fi amplifier must have a "Turntable" (or sometimes labelled as a "Phono") input to be able to play vinyl on your turntable, as the output level from most turntables is lower than that of other music "sources". If your amplifier doesn't have this input (or even if it does), we recommend using a high quality turntable pre-amp, referred to in hi-fi circles as a phono stage. We also sell a full range of replacement phono cartridges and other turntable essentials to get the best sound from your vinyl.

If you would like further advice, please call or e-mail us or visit our Birmingham showroom and one of our hi-fi experts can assist you. Don't forget to browse our full range of speakers and our Audio Affair exclusive offers as well.

Hi-Fi - Arcam

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