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Gaming Headphones

Computers are increasingly becoming the centre of our home entertainment systems. Able to store high resolution music files, play high definition films and Blu Ray discs and play the latest games, a good pair of Gaming Headphones can unlock the potential from your computer and enhance your enjoyment. Gaming Headphones are designed to be versatile, offering excellent sound quality and fidelity whether you’re gaming, listening to music, watching a movie or talking with friends or family. These headphones are available for a range of gaming systems, including computers as well as Xbox, Playstation etc.

Gaming Headphones feature a microphone to allow you to chat with your friends and team-mates, letting you socialise and also giving you that in-game competitive edge that puts you streets ahead of your opponents. Whether coordinating an attack in your favourite shooter, or organising your defence in a football game, having a microphone can really improve your performance and cooperation with your teammates. Many headsets will feature a noise-cancelling microphone to eliminate or counteract ambient noise, and provide you with a crystal clear connection.

Manufacturers recognise that you can get lost in a good computer game, and that some gaming sessions can be quite lengthy. Therefore, Gaming Headphones need to be as lightweight and comfortable as possible, so that wearing them during a marathon gaming session or event doesn’t provide any distraction or discomfort. Most Gaming Headphones feature large, comfortable cushioned ear pads, which offer the maximum in comfort and ventilation, as well as a cushioned headband. 

Ignoring features offered primarily for gaming use, such as a microphone and design for long sessions, Gaming Headphones are essentially just consumer headphones as you might buy for listening to music. Therefore, some of the same considerations are required when shopping for a new pair of Gaming Headphones. Choosing between closed back and open back headphones will offer different advantages depending on your requirements. An open back design may offer better music performance, and will also be more suitable for longer gaming sessions as they allow superior ventilation. However, for the most immersive experience, closed back headphones will truly unite you with your game or movie, blocking out all distractions and ambient noise, and offering better bass to add weight and impact to explosions and sound effects.

A key area in which Gaming Headphones differ from typical headphones is the characteristics of the sound which they deliver. While typical headphones are designed to be as accurate and neutral as possible for music playback and the best possible fidelity, Gaming Headphones seek to add impact and weight to your games and movies. With more and more games including 5.1 audio soundtracks, stunning audio effects and soundtracks by top artists, bass and a strong mid range can really bring your media to life.

When using speakers, some information from the left channel is picked up by your right ear, and sound destined for the right ear is picked up by the left. This isn’t such an issue when listening to music, but with games and movies, where sound is very much directional, it can really make a huge difference. With Gaming Headphones, each ear receives only the sound it is supposed to, meaning positioning is pin point, giving you a competitive gaming edge – able to hear an enemy’s footsteps and location for example. It also makes these headphones ideal for use with movies and TV, which typically have directional soundtracks designed for multi-channel home cinema systems.

Gaming Headphones

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