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In Ear Headphones - Meze Headphones

In ear monitors (IEMs) or "earphones" are obviously a more discreet and portable solution to full-sized headphones and earphones of some variety are often now included with portable players, phones, etc. However, these bundled models are often cheaper types not designed to deliver excellent sound quality. You can enjoy far better sound quality by swapping them for a set of these branded earphones. Many of these models also include in-line remotes for taking calls on your phone and controlling volume.

Ear canal style headphones offer various advantages over standard in ear models and ear buds. The seal formed by the rubber or silicone earphone tips offers excellent isolation and passive noise attenuation, blocking out a large amount of environmental sound as well as keeping your sound in. This makes them ideal for use on the go, when commuting, at the gym etc., much more so than variants of full sized headphones due to their portable nature and the fact that they can stow away easily in a pocket. Most of these types of in ear headphones include a variety of ear buds and tips, in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to customise the fit and ensure that the best seal is made, and that the fit is just right.

The Meze headphone company has a passion for music and art, aiming to achieve synergy between sound quality and style for headphones that look and sound amazing. They design high-end headphones as they themselves want.

Starting in London in 2009, Meze Audio was founded by industrial designer Antonio Meze. The Meze headquarters have since relocated to Romania and the name has changed to Meze Headphones. The Meze headphones are now available worldwide and they have received top reviews from numerous industrial publications. Meze headphones are a firm believer in following their own path rather than follow other, they have stood by their values since the company’s beginnings and do not follow trends or let them influence their designs. That Meze headphones are timeless classics that do not go out of style with the next season is a testament to the design teams patience and dedication.

Meze headphones as a company consist of an eclectic group of specialists, from various backgrounds such as audio engineering, product design, crafting, and music production. The brands defining trait is that each speaker enclosure cup is hand-crafted from wood unlike the standard plastics and polymers commonly used by most manufacturers. The types of wood they use in the construction of the headphones are ebony and beech.

As a team directly involved in arts and sports, Meze understands that music is not just a pastime but a way of life for many music lovers. The choice of real wood design was specifically created to offer a warm sound that you can enjoy no matter the listening environment.

Meze’s goal is to raise the bars in terms of audio quality and design for headphones in general. They strive to allow the listener to hear their preferred music just as the original artist intended.

Another great advantage of ear canal headphones is that they fit much more snugly than other designs, and will stay in the ear. It can be irritating to have to continuously readjust your earphones or put them back in your ear when they have fallen out. Ear canal style in ear headphones, if you achieve a snug fit, will stay in your ears through even the most rigorous activity, which is why they are favoured for use when exercising, on the move or at the gym.

Upgrading your in ear headphones can offer a range of benefits which will add extra enjoyment to your music, and turn your portable music device into a better sounding, more “hi-fi” source. Every aspect of sound can be improved by upgrading your headphones – bass performance can be richer and more vibrant, soundstage and imaging improved, while mid and high frequencies are more dynamic and lifelike. The headphones which come free with devices are often of an ear bud style, which sits in the ear. As mentioned, greater isolation, bass and fit can be achieved with earphones which fit directly into the ear canal.

Another reason why many users choose to upgrade their in ear headphones is simply build quality. Many of us use our portable devices and headphones on a daily basis, folding or scrunching them up and stuffing them in a pocket until they are removed again for the train journey home. This can put considerable strain on the cable, connectors and ear pieces; a strain which requires a solid and rugged build quality to endure. Most, if not all, of our in ear headphones are solidly built for longevity by reputable manufacturers who offer warranties to cover their products against damage, giving you peace of mind, and allowing you to use your headphones in the way you want.

In Ear Headphones - Meze Headphones

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