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Yamaha MusicCast 20 and 50 speakers are versatile in their usage. In a trio of functionality, they can be standalone speakers working off their own merit. Then when paired up with other speakers of the same model, there’s an extra push in usability. Even as part of a surround sound setup with other MusicCast equipment (for example, sound bars and AV receivers), the sets prove that they are not restrictive in what speakers in the MusicCast range are able to do.

Yamaha MusicCast 20


Few modern speaker sets within the domestic range offer a level of practicality like this by being flexible in how they can be physically used. They are truly worth their dainty 2.2kg weight in gold (or rather: a choice of either white or black) in terms of their input range. Its users have a massively diverse breadth of compatible inputs and software that the MusicCast 20 happily cooperates with: Yamaha’s in-house, in-built MusicCast CONTROLLER software for ease of control, Apple’s AirPlay and Spotify. Further streaming conglomerates, namely Tidal, Deezer, Napster and other akin services, are fully compatible with the ’20. Of course, a speaker of this ability naturally has the obligatory Bluetooth (4.2) and Wifi (2.4 to 5 GHz) connectivity on which to base its abilities. When paired with between one to two other compatible MusicCast sets, they will network together as a multi-room sound system for your home.

Features and Ease of Use in the home

Adding to the 20’s gargantuan list of features, it can double as both your alarm clock (encompassing ‘snooze’ and ‘sleep’ functions) and Amazon’s very own Alexa voice control, which are cross compatible with Amazon’s other ‘Alexa’ voice-controlled units. The flat panel at the top of the unit has a swanky, glossy user interface (branded ‘soft-touch’) for the most convenient use possible. Memory is un-built to the unit, saving custom settings and preferences, rendering use of the appliance as straightforward as its user could desire. [Alexa functionality varies by region.]

The white 20’s back, showing sparseness in favour of digital connectivity, eschewing wires.

Sound and Substance

A coup for Yamaha, the ’20’s physical attributes put it in excellent quality brackets for the audio quality it delivers. A maximum wattage output 0f 40W meet a 9cm woofer for strong performance. On paper, the speaker ticks functionality and feature wish lists with ease and pace – yet the ’20 stands small in a 130mm short frame. With robot audio quality, an accessible interface, compact design and practical usability, the unit retails with Audio Affair at a friendly £199 price tag.

Yamaha MusicCast 50

The 50's oval user interface

The 50’s oval user interface

Bigger and louder

Packing the identical checklist of the ’20, Yamaha’s MusicCast 50 model is a corroboration that established practicality, functionality and superb product quality can be bolstered furthermore. Though it’s an elongated oval shape, weighing at a-still practical 4.5 kg and stunted 120mm in height, it commands a £449 price in return for far-superior speaker grade for the more seasoned listener – though the two models sit nicely together in the MusicCast range. Billed as worthy of filling out a room with sound, 2 10cm woofer speakers and 35+35 watts out output see the ’50 punch aim that bit more precisely. A larger sound range is suited to extended a TV’s sound output with this speaker, or even a vinyl turntable.

Something for both

50’s appeal to truly suited to those who need more sound in a larger space, but the quality and compactness of the ’20 should not be overlooked as inferior. The two speakers, together, are similar in their quality, intuitiveness, modern design that eliminates the need for untidy cables, and a truly modern interface which makes it accessible to use. The only differentiator sits with how much sound is needed; even then, multiple ’20 units can serve the purpose of one ’50.

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