Posted on Tue, 14 Sep, 2010
Posted by Peter

Meeting Abbas (Managing Director, Wireworld UK) is quite an experience. Aside from loving the brand and it’s abilities, Abbas is positively exstatic about the benefits of Wireworld over other cables, due partly to precision design and manufacturing and partly to their unique testing process. Rather than testing the sonic and visual capabilities of their cables /against /other branded cables, they test each cable against the banchmark of /no cable /to test how close their cables are to a direct connection. They even go to practical lengths at shows to directly connect items to each other by facing them back to back and comparing the performance to their cables.

This unique approach of evaluating cables by comparing them to a direct connection has enabled Wireworld to develop cables that preserve more of the beautiful harmonics, textures and dynamic expressions that make music so enjoyable. Whilst some audiophiles like the “cottage industry” nature of other branded cables, for the purest quality connection, Wireworld cables are machine made and offer an excellent “close as possible” alternative to a direct connection.










The audio cables start from the Luna 6 at only £29.50 for budget concious audiophiles, going upto the Solstice 6 at £49.50, Oasis 6 at £121.50 for an even greater upgrade in sonic performance over budget cables, to the Gold Eclipse at £701 where the magic really starts to happen.

Moving onto the digital cables from Wireworld, an affordable start at £17.95 for the Chroma 5. Next one up is the Starlight 6 which is created by reducing the silver content at £61. And the Gold Starlight 6 is second only to its larger sibling in both technical and sonic virtuosity, priced at £292.50. Finally, the king of the hill is the Platinum Starlight, WireWorld’s breakthrough 75Ω DNA cable design and Composite Dielectric Technology enable it to transfer digital waveforms with less phase shift and noise than any previous cable – £764.95.

Wireworld offers a superb range of mains cables. An entry level upgrade mains cable features Oxygen-free copper conductors is the Stratus 5 at £62.95. For a higher perfmance mains cable which offers exceptional value for money is the Aurora 5 at £125.95. Then we have a range of Electra 5, all the way up to Gold Electra 5, designed for world-class reference systems at £989.95

Got an iPod? Wireworld also supplies four types of mini jacks starting with the Luna 6 Mini Jack at £33, then the Solstice 6 at £53.95, Oasis 6 at £76 and finally the Equinox 6 mini jack cable provides amazing value to those who wish to get the best from their premium quality media centres, priced at £116.95.

Wireworld is the only cables company that offers high perfomance USB cables. Featuring the Ultraviolet USB (£40.50) and Starlight USB (£80.95), available in both Type B and mini B connection.

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