Posted on Fri, 06 Mar, 2020
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Wharfedale Vista 200 is desiged to deliver larger and more atmospheric TV sound with cinematic results. When it comes to movie watching and gaming, quality audio cannot go amiss. The Vista 200 delivers a massive sonic upgrade to your TV, especially for where space is at a premium with its super sleek and slim design. For added oomph to your TV’s bass, the Vista 200s with subwoofer will provide you with extra energy and impact.

What is the benefit of a soundbar?

The reason soundbars are becoming more popular is down to the trend of TV’s becoming much slimmer. As there is less space for speakers, the need for better quality soundbar for great TV sound increases. A soundbar ensures spacious stereo sound, reproducing the low, bass frequencies and mid-range articulately and delivering sweet, high-pitched sounds with incredible details. A soundbar can deliver a far more high fidelity sound than your TV can, allowing for a more dynamic audio and visual experience. They fit effortlessly under your slim flat screen TV’s and can often make a very visually appealing piece for your living room. Wharfedale’s Vista 200 soundbar fit’s this criteria and will greatly enhance your audio experience in comparison to your built in TV speakers, and will do it in all style.


Wharfedale Quality

Wharfedale speakers are closely acquainted with a warm and musical sound that is great for reproducing vocals. Music is presented on an extremely wide and open sound-stage which makes listening to a Wharfedale speaker an extremely immersive and enjoyable experience. Wharfedale have over 30 years expertise in loudspeaker design and over that time they have built a reputation for themselves of great value, high performance and excellent build quality. Delivering genuine high fidelity at accessible price points whilst evolving with technological advancements means Wharfedale have remained a trusted and reliable brand for your hi-fi entertainment.

Wharfedale Vista 200 soundbar

Wharfedale Vista 200 Soundbar

Following on from the original Vista 100 model which was highly regarded for it’s affordability and stylish aesthetic, the Vista 200 steps up the TV audio game whilst maintaining it’s low price. This super sleek soundbar finished in a glossy black slides seamlessly under your flat screen TV for high impact TV audio that brings your entertainment to life. With three equaliser modes, you can tailor your speaker to the right sound for you and with HDMI compatibility you can control all settings from the ease of your viewing position with a remote control. This soundbar is fully connected and includes Bluetooth technology for music streaming from your personal device.

Bluetooth Connections

Pair your mobile phones or tablets via Bluetooth the Vista 200 soundbar and enjoy this super sleek unit as standalone speaker to stream music from your favourite music streaming services. Two high-quality dynamic drivers and two bass reflex ports are powered by a 30 watt amplifier; so if you’re streaming music from Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer or Tidal, you’re guaranteed a powerful delivery of your favourite songs reproduced with crisp details, rich tones and powerful, dynamic vocals.

Tailored To You

Wharfedale have made sure that with the Vista 200 soundbar, the listening experience is completely tailored to you. When enhancing your poor TV speaker’s with the Vista 200 soundbar, you also get to choose how it sounds depending on what you’re watching. Three equaliser settings let you do this called ‘Movie, Music and News’ modes, with ‘News’ mode placing particular emphasis on enhancing the dialogue.¬† Accommodating for a range of connections, this slim soundbar has coaxial, optical, and 3.5mm inputs. Alongside this, HDMI ARC compatibility means you can sit back, relax and enjoy all the sonic benefits of your soundbar with your TV remote control.

Want Extra Bass?

The Vista 200s soundbar with subwoofer takes the bass levels up a notch, bringing the cinematic experience to life in the comfort of your own home. If you’re after more of an impact in the bass department, then you can opt for the 200s which combines the fantastic 200 soundbar with a 6.5 inch subwoofer. The speakers automatically connect over wireless connection, allowing for an almost instantaneous bass upgrade for your movies and music.

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