Posted on Mon, 19 Mar, 2018
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The Iconic Linn LP12 turntable benefits from two new upgrades in the form of the Lingo MkIV power supply and Urika II preamplifier.

The Linn LP12: a legendary turntable which has developed a cult following all of its own. 45 years on from its original launch, it’s still revered by many as one of the finest turntables ever made. To coincide with this anniversary, Linn has introduced two new upgrades, the Lingo MkIV and Urika II

Let’s see what these new upgrades have to offer the dedicated Sondek enthusiast…

Linn LP12

Lingo MkIV Power Supply

Lingo MkIV represents the latest revision to a long-running range of power-supplies for the classic Linn LP12 turntable. Hailed as being neater, more compact, and smarter than ever, the Lingo MkIV is the standard power supply for Linn’s mid-range Akurate variant of the LP12.

The new Lingo MkIV can be installed on any LP12 and comes supplied with a matching DC motor. A super-slim external power supply compliments the discrete internal circuitry which carries some of Linn’s cleverest circuitry.

Linn Lingo MKIV

Lingo MkIV incorporates a motor speed management system which employs digital processing technology; this guarantees accurate and more consistent speed control of the platter. The Lingo MKIV auto-calibrates the motor everytime your Linn LP12 Sondek is powered on.

Accurate and precise control of your platter’s speed is vital to ensure that the original performance is reproduced authentically and accurately. The newly designed digital motor management control of the Lingo MkIV checks every rotation to ensure the speed is perfect, each and every time.

Linn Urika II

Linn Urika II represents a dramatic redesign to the Urika integrated phono preamplifier design; in fact, it’s not unreasonable to say that the Urika II represents a complete rethink of the preamplifier paradigm.

Linn’s original Urika preamplifier launched the concept of integrating an extremely high-quality preamplifier, directly with the Linn LP12. This ensures an extremely short signal path between cartridge and preamplifier.

The major advantage to this approach is an incredible signal to noise ratio; the delicate, low-level phono signal is amplified and equalised as early as possible, creating an incredible, almost digital-like noise floor.

Linn Urika II

Linn’s new Urika II pushes the concept even further, by using extensive DSP equalisation and high-quality analogue to digital conversion. A controversial step for some, those using a Linn system with Exakt Link, or a digital preamplifier will see tremendous benefits.

By converting the delicate analogue signal to digital, as early as possible, an incredible signal to noise ratio can be achieved. Additionally, the implementation of the RIAA correction curve can be accomplished more accurately.

The Linn Urika II incorporates specific profiles for a range of popular MC cartridges, such as Linn’s own Akiva, Kandid, Klyde and Krystal cartridges. Classic cartridges such as the Dynavector DV20x, Dynavector XV1S and Denon DL103 are also supported.

There can be little doubt that the Linn Urika II is something of a “game-changer” for LP12 aficionados, and vinyl reproduction as we know it.

Linn Urika II close up

Linn LP12 – Upgraded and Enhanced

For Linn LP12 enthusiasts, there can be little doubt these two new additions to the range offer significant benefits. The Linn LP12’s modular construction has always allowed this classic turntable to move and adapt to the times.

The Lingo MkIV and Urika II illustrate just how adaptable the classic Sondek is; the LP12 has been with us for four and a half decades, and with upgrades and enhancements like these, it seems assured of a bright and distinguished future.

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