Posted on Mon, 11 Sep, 2017
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Townshend Seismic vibration isolation equipment, helps the discerning audiophile improve the quality of their system’s audio, by reducing invasive and destructive vibration and resonances.

Looking to “tighten up” the sound of your Hi-Fi system? Concerned by unwanted and unwelcomed resonances? Perhaps you’ve built the system of your dreams, but are looking for a cost effective way to take your systems’ performance, “to the next level”?

If you answered yes to any of the above, and you’re serious about your systems’ performance, then you should be taking a very serious look at the Townshend Seismic range of vibration isolation.

Townshend Audio Seismic Isolation Pods

Vibration Negation

It doesn’t matter where our source audio begins; be that the digital encoding on an optical disc, the grooves of a vinyl record, or the digits from an HDD, for example. Eventually, these all end up as airborne vibrations, or as we simply know it, sound! Sound itself is very simply the vibration of air molecules in free space; everything we hear is made up of vibrations.

Despite what The Beach Boys may have you believe though, not all vibrations are Good Vibrations; some vibrations can be positively detrimental to good audio reproduction. We’re all familiar with rattling plates and ornaments; when an object vibrates in sympathy with another it’s called resonance, and it’s very much the enemy of an accurate Hi-Fi system.

Our beloved Hi-Fi components, can be affected by unwanted vibration in some obvious, and not so obvious ways, all of which are detrimental to the accurate reproduction of sound:

Turntables: We’ve all experienced that awful moment when someone walks across the floor, and it causes the needle to skip across the record. Turntables are especially sensitive to vibration and resonance, which can raise the noise floor of the playback, and in extreme cases even lead to feedback. If you’re a turntable user, you should seriously consider some form of isolation.

Optical Disc Players:  Vibrations affect the ability of the laser to accurately track the information on the disk; this inevitably leads to an increase in jitter and errors, resulting in a degradation of the playback material.

Valve Amplifiers: Vibration of the delicate internal structure of a valve can lead to microphony; this is heard as a ‘ringing’ or “rattling”, and is not only bad for accurate sound reproduction, but does nothing for the longevity of the valves themselves.

Solid State Sources: Transistor amplifiers, tuners etc. all contain components such as capacitors, which can display microphonic tendencies. Additionally, large transformers can occasionally transmit acoustic noise through the surface the equipment is placed upon, leading to undesirable humming.

Computers, streamers and DACs: These high tech sources are highly susceptible to mechanical noise as they all contain vibration sensitive crystal oscillators, not to mention HDD drives, which should be isolated to prevent mechanical noise and vibrations causing potential read errors.

Loudspeakers: Designed solely to create vibrations, proper isolation of the cabinets yields great rewards. Traditionally spiked or cone mounted speakers transmit energy into the floor, leading to unwanted resonances and vibrations which are transferred into your equipment and which can also irritate your neighbours!

Townshend Seismic

Townshend Seismic vibration isolation equipment uses Seismic Load Cells™ which block all unwanted vibrations from 3Hz upwards and from all directions. Townshend Seismic vibration isolation equipment effectively fully floats your whole Hi Fi System independently from the speakers and the floor, resulting in measurable and listenable improvements to the “focus” and timing of your system.

Townshend Seismic Load Cell
A range of Townshend Seismic isolation solutions are available, from individual isolation pods (which can be placed underneath equipment as desired), through to floating platforms, and even complete Hi-Fi component stands. These offer a great solution to isolating your Hi-Fi components.

Townshend Seismic Sink and Platform

Townshend also offers an indispensable range of speaker isolation solutions, including isolation bars and corner isolation systems which float the entire loudspeaker upon Townshend’s Seismic Load Cells; ensuring isolation of the speakers from their environment.

Townsheand Seismic Speaker isolation

Townshend Seismic Speaker isolation solutions also offer the welcome benefit of isolating the speakers from secondary resonances, which can create slurring of transients and colouring of the sound.

If you’re serious about your Hi-Fi, isn’t it time you investigated the Townshend Seismic range?

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