Posted on Tue, 18 Apr, 2017
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Few turntables inspire as much devotion or command the legendary status of the Linn LP12. The Linn LP12 Majik is the latest “entry level” iteration of a turntable that’s been going for over 40 years, but is far from entry level.

Linn’s LP12 Turntable is a true ‘Hall of Fame’ item of high-end audio. For four decades it has stood as a reference against which other turntables are judged. As with anything which represents ‘the best’, however, it has never been a ‘cheap’ turntable; ‘cheap’ and ‘quality’ are almost always mutually exclusive, and so it is with the Linn LP12. This isn’t to say that an LP12 is unobtainable, however.

Enter The Linn LP12 Majik

Linn Majik LP12

Pre-Configured for Value and Performance.

One of the unique selling points of the Linn LP12 has been its modular construction. This allows any potential LP12 owner to configure their own ideal specification. What if the ideal though, is value for money? It’s here that The Linn LP12 Majik makes an excellent case for itself.

Pre-configured with the best value selection of components, the LP12 Majik is Linn’s ‘Entry Specification’ Turntable. Coming in at £2930, it’s a full £3950 less than the next model up, the LP12 Akurate and a whopping £15,740 less than the flagship Klimax specification.

Fret not though, if you’re concerned that corners have been cut. Any LP12 is a thoroughbred. The LP12 Majik allows customers an entry into LP12 ownership at a price point dramatically less than one would otherwise have to pay, to gain entry to the world of Linn turntables.

The Linn LP12 Majik Deck

The core turntable deck included in the Majik specification shares many of the same components used on any LP12. For example, the plinth, bearing and suspension are identical to any other LP12. The sub-chassis uses Linn’s latest aluminium sandwich construction, coupled to an aluminium arm board. Linn’s famous single point bearing is present and correct, as are the traditional choice of wood finishes. So far, so good…

The Tonearm

A choice of two tonearms is available as part of the Linn LP12 Majik specification: The Pro-Ject 9cc and the Linn Akito.  Pro-Ject has earned a great reputation for producing superb value components; it makes perfect sense therefore that Linn sought to partner with Pro-Ject for their ‘entry level’ tone-arm choice.

The Pro-Ject 9cc utilises an attractive, carbon arm-wand, which is conical shaped to avoid standing wave reflections. Utilising a Linn Standard mount, the 9cc offers numerous adjustments to ensure perfect tracking can be achieved.

Whilst the headshell is fixed and integrated into the arm wand, a single screw fixing allows for accurate adjustment of VTA. The arm-tube height can be adequately adjusted via the 9cc’s base. Four, ABEC7 spec, hardened ball races are utilised as part of an inverted bearing design.


The second (extra cost) option, is Linn’s own, Akito tonearm. The Akito utilises a lightweight, yet stiff, aluminium arm wand with the one piece, cast headshell, chemically bonded to the arm wand. The Akito’s precision bearings, accurate static tracking, and precision spring bias ensure it’s kind to your prized vinyl collection.


The Pickup Cartridge

The Cartridge included with the Linn LP12 Majik is Linn’s own Adikt Moving Magnet Cartridge. Linn claims the performance of their Moving Magnet cartridge is “more than a match” for similarly priced Moving Coil cartridges.

Featuring a Gyger II type replaceable stylus, and housed within a Rigid body, the Linn Adikt is a great choice for the ‘Entry Spec’ Linn LP12 Majik.



Upgrade paths

It’s here, the genius of the modular nature of Linn’s LP12 comes into its own. Want to upgrade the internal LP12 Majik power supply? No problem, Linn offers the Lingo or Radikal PSU’s. Improved base board? Linn has the trampolin.

Thanks to the decades of development work put into the Linn LP12, you can be assured of ‘Majik’ with your LP12

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