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Tannoy Autograph Mini loudspeaker combines the vintage styling and heritage of a Tannoy classic in a compact superb sounding package.

Tannoy: we make no apologies for being huge fans of Tannoy loudspeakers, here at Audio Affair. In particular, Tannoy’s Prestige GR series has consistently wowed us with impeccable performance, transparency and beautiful vintage style.

Tannoy recently released an update to the smallest offering in the Prestige GR series, the Autograph Mini. Let’s take an overdue look at this most “compact and bijou” offering of the Prestige GR series…

Tannoy Autograph Mini

Tannoy Autograph Mini

Tannoy’s Prestige GR series was created very much with markets such as China and Japan in mind; there, the quintessentially British character of these highly traditional loudspeakers is highly desirable. It should probably come as no surprise then, that Tannoy saw fit to create a “miniaturised” version of one of its traditional loudspeakers.

The original Tannoy Autograph was a room-dominating behemoth from the 1960s; resplendent in its furniture-grade woodwork and oatmeal grill cloth. Now, imagine hauling one of those monsters onto a photocopier, and scaling it down to 20% of the original size.

What would pop out, would be the Tannoy Autograph Mini; standing at a lilliputian height of only around 13″, barely taller than an LP record sleeve, the Tannoy Autograph Mini is a bonafide Tannoy Prestige loudspeaker but in miniature. Utilising the smallest Dual Concentric driver Tannoy have ever made, the Tannoy Autograph Mini is small, yet perfectly formed.

Dual Concentric Magic

The key to the legendary performance of all Tannoy Prestige loudspeakers is the legendary Dual Concentric loudspeaker technology. Originally launched back in the 1940s, it’s the technology which propelled Tannoy Loudspeakers into the world’s recording studios, and led to them being used on some of the most famous recordings of all-time.

The Tannoy Autograph Mini employs a new 4” Dual Concentric driver utilising Tannoy’s Omnimagnet configuration allowing the HF unit to be placed closer to the acoustic centre of the LF unit for improved time alignment between the two drivers.

Acoustic presentation is further enhanced by Tannoy’s innovative point source Tulip Waveguide; this design assists with symmetrical dispersion, resulting in a broad soundstage with highly focused and accurate stereo imaging.

Be under no misapprehensions, tiny the Autograph Mini’s may be, but their stereo imaging and transparent presentation are sure to be the envy of most any compact speaker, at virtually any price. These are 100% the essence of Tannoy Prestige in a compact package which can be accommodated in any environment.

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Authentically Tannoy Prestige

Just like its bigger brethren, the Tannoy Autograph Mini features a handcrafted, furniture grade cabinet with oiled walnut veneer and solid walnut trim. The size of the enclosure precludes the complex horn loading of the larger speakers in the range, but non the less, a large degree of thought has gone into their design.

The non-parallel enclosure design has been created to disperse internal standing waves and reflections to keep colouration to virtually nil. The high-density wood construction controls low-frequency performance and eliminates mid-frequency ringing artefacts. The enclosures use a carefully designed, rear firing, reflex style enclosure with extensive bracing that delivers an uncoloured presentation.

If you’re looking for loudspeakers with all the classic hallmarks of the Tannoy Prestige series: quality, uncoloured reproduction, outstanding point source imaging and timeless appeal, then the Tannoy Autograph Mini loudspeakers are truly in a class of their own.

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