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Sumiko cartridges are proudly affiliated with Pro-Ject Audio Systems and Henley, who distribute the¬†cartridges to audiophile across the globe. This company are a longstanding manufacturer of both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges. Our selection of Sumiko cartridges are available at a range of price points to suit whatever your budget maybe. From the entry level Oyster cartridges to the ultimate Palo Santos cartridge, Sumiko’s cartridges will see you through years of enjoyably vinyl listening.

Sumiko History

Sumiko was founded in 1972 by David Fletcher in Japan and for nearly 40 years the company have been manufacturing high end cartridges for high quality vinyl playback. Sumiko’s first cartridges were released in 1982 with the launch of the Talisman, which was shortly followed in 1984 with the release of the Alchemist MC cartridge, a first of its kind to be mass produced. In 1992, the companies well known Oyster, Blue Point and Black Pearl cartridges were released and these cartridges are still popular models in their current catalogue. Over the years, Sumiko built up a reputation for themselves as a prestigious brand for cartridges, satisfying discerning audiophiles with moving magnet and moving coil cartridges that span all price points and technologies.

Sumiko Cartridges

Sumiko Cartridges recently released six new models. Joining the Oyster Series is four lower budget MM cartridges – the Amethyst, Moonstone, Rainier and Olympia. Whilst the Reference Series sees the addition of two MC models – the new Songbird and Starling.

Oyster Series

The Oyster series consists of the Oyster Line MM Cartidges, Premium MM Cartridges and Oyster Blue Point Line MC Cartridges. These cartridges are split into the different lines based on their technologies, stylus types and architecture. This line is designed to offer a better performance then you could get elsewhere at this price point. This is due to Sumiko focusing on the construction and materials in order to deliver true high-fidelity sound.

Sumiko Oyster Lifestyle

Oyster Line

The entry level Oyster line which consists of the Oyster, Black Pearl and Pearl MM cartridges is a great place to start as an introduction to vinyl upgrades without sacrificing on high performance. This series starts off with the bonded spherical stylus Oyster cartridge, followed by the Black Pearl which has the same stylus but trickle down technology from the top of the line Pearl model which differs from the other two thanks to an elliptical stylus.

Premium MM Line

Next in the Oyster Series the Premium MM line which is made up of the four new MM cartridges. The Rainier is the most cost effective in the line followed by the Moonstone, Olympia and with the Amethyst sitting at the top of the range as the most ambitious Sumiko cartridge yet with nude line-contact stylus and low noise design. For smooth vinyl playback, the Premium MM range revive your records with convincing realism, stunning dynamics and incredible accuracy.

Blue Point Line

The Blue Point line of moving coil cartridges represent the high fidelity performance you can get at a reasonable price. The famous Blue Point No 2 cartridge achieves a beautifully rich and warm sound thanks to it’s open architecture and the Blue Point Evo III features the same advanced design but is available in low output or high output versions. One of the most popular ranges from Sumiko, the Blue Point cartridges are made for quality listening.

Reference Series

The Reference series represents all things premium for vinyl playback. Drawing on their excellence in the field, Sumiko Cartridges in the luxurious Reference Series cater for the most critical vinyl listener. These cartridges showcase high quality handmade Japanese design and the best technologies to deliver a dynamic, finely detailed musical performance that will make you rediscover your record collections like never before.Sumiko Cartridges

Songbird Line MC Cartridges

The Songbird Line of moving coil cartridges are cutting edge, high performance cartridges ideal for those looking for a serious upgrade to their vinyl listening sessions. They are named after birds which represents the sweet and beautiful sounds they sing. The Songbird, Blackbird and Starling are a big step up from the Oyster MC cartridges as they feature new Microridge stylus and aluminium plates to improve sound quality. The new Songbird model is the less costly of the 3 with aluminium cantilever, but all models feature the open architecture that produces that beautifully melodic sound. The low noise Blackbird and Starling feature ultra light rigid boron cantilevers, and it is the Starling’s resonant reducing body that makes it the top performer.

Luxury Line MC Cartridges

The Luxury Line represents the very best and most expensive Sumiko cartridges on offer. The star feature of these models, and what makes them stand out from the other MM and MC cartridges is their real wood bodies. The Palo Santos and Pearwood’s names derive from the high quality wood that the cartridge body is made of. Not only does this design look completely premium but it makes them sound warmer than metal bodies. This is a unique aesthetic feature, which is only right from a cartridge that is able to deliver a stunning musical presentation, rich with¬†tonality, dynamic range and captivating openness. We don’t think you can get much better!

For more information, visit the official Sumiko Cartridges website.

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