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Unison Research valve amplifiers couple Italian design flair and audio artisanship with over three decades of Hi-Fi expertise.

Italian audio experts, Unison Research, are responsible for the design and manufacture of an extraordinary range of valve based amplifiers and Hi-Fi products. Fusing statement design with artisinal levels of craftsmanship and build quality, Unison Research stands out as a true audio maverick.

Let’s investigate this unique and desirable Italian brand and its wonderful range, in more detail…

Unison Research

It was back in 1987, that one Giovanni Maria Sacchetti assembled a group of passionate audiophiles, with the aim of founding a Hi-Fi company to produce high-quality Hi-Fi systems. The company they founded, was Unison Research…

Place yourself, for a moment, in the mindset of the 1980s Hi-Fi and electronics Zeitgeist; miniaturisation was the vogue, as was plastering the word DIGITAL on any product that could claim a link to the then-new technology of Compact Disc.

Unison Research TRIODE 20

Unlikely as it may have seemed, Unison Research’s first product was the TRIODE 20 integrated amplifier; an amplifier based upon the then unfashionable and traditional technology of valves (vacuum tubes). Penned by the hand of Giovanni Maria Sacchetti, the TRIODE 20 fused his academic interest in electronics with a family background in music.

This blend of artistry, engineering and of course, valve technology, was to define the house style and ethos of Unison Research for the next three decades and into the present day. Always unique, always stylish and always of the highest quality: Unison Research

Hi-Fi Artistry

Since their inception in 1987, Unison Research has built up a remarkable product range consisting of superb amplification and Hi-Fi products. Valve technology is still very much the cornerstone and signature technology of the Unison Research Range.

The flagship valve series of the Unison Research range comprises of everything from valve preamplifiers, through to headphone amplifiers, power amplifiers and their highly popular integrated designs. Models such as the Unison Research Sinfonia, typify the valve series, with its beautiful wood and metal aesthetic and pure valve signal path.

Unison Research Sinfonia mahoganyValve aficionados will always extol the virtues of a pure valve signal path, and the purist design topology of a transformer coupled valve power amplification stage. Unfortunately, the downsides to such designs are additional cost, complexity, weight, heat and power consumption.

In an effort to bring the benefits of the “valve sound” in a more affordable and accessible package, Unison Research offers the Unico range of hybrid designs. Fusing the very best of solid-state electronics with the characteristic warmth of valves, the Unico range of pre, power and integrated amplifiers is typified by designs such as the Unico Secondo.

Unison Research UnicoSecondo

Unison Research Simply Italy

One of our favourite designs from the Unison Research range is their brilliant Simply Italy integrated amplifier. A revision upon one of the best selling valve amplifiers ever made, the Simply Two, the Simply Italy makes true, all-valve amplification attainable and accessible.

View the Simply Italy as the essence of valve amplification, and you’ll be on the right track. Employing the rugged and dependable EL34 output valve in an ultra-linear, single-ended Class A operation. Ideally suited to high-efficiency loudspeaker systems, the output impedance is set to 6ohms, allowing operation with most speaker impedances.

Unison Research Simply Italy

Remote control allows remote switching of the Simply Italy’s four inputs, as well as volume control; the latter made possible by a motorised, high-quality, ALPS potentiometer. Unison Research provides the user with the ability to adjust the degree of negative feedback, via a two-position toggle switch, for further sonic experimentation.

A small footprint, coupled to the convenience of four switchable stereo inputs, as well as a tape loop, makes the Simply Italy one of the best and most accessible ways to sample the timeless sound of valves, and the magic of Unison Research.

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