Posted on Thu, 05 Oct, 2017
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Sennheiser IE80S Earphones improve and evolve an in-ear masterpiece with beautiful modern design and outstanding audiophile sound quality.

Sennheiser’s previous iteration of IE80 in-ear Earphones became a hugely popular model, which garnered high praise for their open, detailed sound and quality fit and finish. Perhaps the only reservations reviewers could lay against the IE80 were their somewhat *ahem* “challenging” aesthetics.

Sennheiser IE80S Earphones

The latest version of the Sennheiser IE80s Earphones, however, uphold Sennheiser’s tradition of engineering evolution with a sleek new design which brings them bang up to date.

Sennheiser IE80S Earphones

There are but a handful of manufacturers which can claim to possess technology honed through the experience and feedback of professional users. Sennheiser is one of the world’s premier manufacturers of in-ear monitoring systems, with a heritage going back over 70 years; as such, you can be assured of world-class quality and design.

Sennheiser’s earphone technology was developed out of high-end live monitoring technology; the same technology used on stage every night by some of the world’s biggest artists and performers. The same kind of people who demand nothing but the best night after night.

The Sennheiser IE80s Earphones represent an evolution of the previous, award winning, IE80 Earphones, a model which proved highly successful in its own right, collecting numerous awards and accolades. With their replacement, the Sennheiser IE80s, Sennheiser have sought to refine and enhance the design yet further.


Sennheiser IE80s


Improving a masterpiece

The first thing which is immediately obvious with the new Sennheiser IE80s Earphones is the clean new look; especially compared to their somewhat aesthetically challenged forebears. A smooth, clean new aesthetic radiates from the new IE80s earphones, in keeping with their integration into Sennheiser’s “audiophile” range.

Earphones are a very personal listening device, and so it should be that fit, comfort and personalisation are high on the agenda. In this respect, the Sennheiser IE80s Earphones do not disappoint. A comprehensive selection of earbuds in three sizes and three unique materials including memory foam are included.

Additional personalisation comes in the option of using ear hooks for listening comfort, and the signature frequency response adjustment control, built into the earphones themselves. This allows the user to tailor the sound to their own personal requirements and preferences.

Finally, from a practical perspective, the cable for the Sennheiser IE80s earphones is detachable via 2-pin connector for easy replacement and customisation. An included carry case ensures that your treasured earphones are protected from damage and unnecessary wear when not in use.

IE80S Sennheiser full kit


An investment in personal sound

A passive, ambient noise attenuation of up to 26db, not only allows you to enjoy your music with less distraction, it’s also a strong safety feature; cranking a set of cheap earbuds to the max in order to hear your music over noisy conditions has been identified as being potentially dangerous and damaging to your hearing.

For those who listen to music “on the go” investing in a quality pair of earphones or headphones makes good sense. Whilst many of us invest in high-quality Hi-Fi systems for home listening, it pays to ask oneself where and how we listen to music, most of the time. For those who live an active lifestyle, the Sennheiser IE80s Earphones should represent a “must have” purchase.



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