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Ruark Audio Series of all in one music systems are “Designed to exceed expectation.”  Formed in 1985 by Brian and Alan O’Rourke, the brand has developed a strong reputation for quality and exquisitely designed audio products.

Ruark Audio Series History

Ruark Audio Series: History

Both co-founders had a detailed experience with various audio products in addition to home furniture, woodwork and engineering production skills from a young age. Brian in designing TV and radio products in the 1960s and Alan through his work in producing ‘City Professional Amplifiers.’ Both shared a common interest for audio and music. Consequently, the hobby blossomed into ‘Ruark Audio’ during the 1980s.

Ruark R2 MKIII

Ruark R2, now in its third generation, followed on from the success of Ruark’s first tabletop radio the R1 which won high critical acclaim in 2006. The R1 was named ‘The Aston Martin of DAB radios’ by the Sunday Telegraph. The R2 MKIII offers dual speakers in a single unit as an upgrade from the single speaker R1. In addition, it offers advanced connectivity for DAB, built in Spotify, Bluetooth and Wifi. As a result, it won the title of “Best all-in-one system” from What Hi-Fi? Magazine.

Ruark Audio R2

Ruark R4

The ambitious R4 incorporated both a stereo system and radio in a single unit. Boasting a multi-format CD player, it also featured voice control connectivity (via Amazon and Google devices) as well as traditional FM/DAB and two additional line level inputs. Advanced ‘Audiophile’ Electronics technology and proprietary Class AB amplification made it a stand out product for audio quality.

Ruark MR1 & MRX

The award-winning MR1 MKII Bluetooth speakers provide remarkable sound in multiple applications. Flawless as computer speakers, ideal for use with a turntable and a fantastic improvement for your TV audio, the MR1 MkII fills any room with quality sound without dominating it. Fitted with custom speaker units, both the tweeter and bass units feature powerful neodymium motor systems which provide greater magnetic concentration for better driver control. This makes them perfect for music lovers and the design conscious alike.

Ruark Audio MRX

The MRx did not disappoint as Ruark set the bar even higher, it is something rather special! With great sound and a wide range of abilities, MRx makes a perfect standalone system for your lounge, kitchen or study. It has been described by many as a “Streaming Haven” because it gives more options than ever for connectivity to various popular platforms. The addition of synchronised audio between multiple devices in various rooms of the house opens even more doors for users to link products around the house.

Ruark R5 & R7 MKIII

‘Designed for Life’, the Ruark R5 is a high-fidelity music system embodying the brand’s knowledge and vast feedback gained from the R1, R2 and R4. Offering all the usual high end features that Ruark have become renowned for, R5 delivers amazing precision and fidelity in audio reproduction. It is fully compatible with MRx , R2 III and R7 III synchronisation system for fully connected home audio.

Ruark Audio R7

The flagship R7 MKIII places the incredible high quality audio of the R5 into a stylish radiogram design for a “Living Modern work of Art”. It is an impressive music system with Bluetooth, CD and DAB/DAB+/FM radio.

“The successor to our Home Audio Product of the Year 2016 is another top-class product from Ruark. There’s nothing else quite like it!” – (Trusted Reviews)

Ruark R3

New to the Ruark collection, R3 is a standalone model with a stylish design and amazing audio quality. Thanks to its class leading audio design and components, it delivers an expansive sound from a compact unit. Inside, the unit is equipped with latest NS+ drivers and digital sound processing techniques. R3 supports playback from wifi, multi-format CD, Bluetooth aptX, SmartRadio, USB plus analogue and digital inputs. No matter how you choose to listen to music, the Ruark R3 is sure to have you covered.

Ruark Audio R3

For more information on the Ruark Audio Series, visit the brand’s official website here.

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