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Quad Vena Bluetooth integrated amplifier couples traditional Quad values with modern digital connectivity and convenience.

Amongst Hi-Fi manufacturers, Quad stand as one of the originators and icons of the industry. The award-winning Quad Vena integrated amplifier represents a modern departure for the company; representing an integrated amplifier with extensive digital connectivity.

Does the traditional Quad face hide a modern masterpiece? Join us as we explore the Quad Vena…

Quad Vena white mahogany

Quad Vena – Tradition meets Technology

Mention Quad to a Hi-Fi enthusiast, and they will probably describe one of the historic company’s classic line of Hi-Fi components. A Quad II valve amplifier perhaps, maybe one of their iconic 1980s units such as the Quad 44 in trademark Lancaster Grey, or perhaps the famous electrostatic loudspeakers?

Take a look through the pages of the current Quad catalogue, however, and one will be pleasantly surprised. Amongst reissues of classic equipment such as the Quad II amplifiers, lie modern amplifiers with the classic Quad aesthetic. Nowhere is this truer than the Quad Vena.

Quad Vena

Quad has rightly recognised that today’s Hi-FI enthusiast is likely to rely on digital sources as much, if not more so than traditional analogue sources. With the diversity of digital devices and connections, comes the need for a versatile integrated amplifier.

The Quad Vena doesn’t disappoint in this regard, as it has been designed to allow for connection to a myriad of digital sources; both cabled, computer-based and wireless devices are all accommodated by the timelessly styled Quad Vena.

Timelessly Quad

One look at the Quad Vena leaves one in no doubt that this comes from Quad; styled in a retro vein and displaying an aesthetic clearly inspired by Quad’s 1960s valve equipment, the Vena is timelessly elegant and chic. Available in Quad’s signature Lancaster grey or with a choice of optional piano gloss and natural mahogany finishes, the Quad Vena is a handsome amplifier.

Whilst the aesthetics may be from the last century, the technology within is very much from the 21st. The preamplifier section offers an extensive array of digital connections as well as a pair of conventional stereo analogue connections on RCA type connectors.

Three SPDIF digital connections are offered in the form of two optical connections and one coax, all of which can be independently switched from the front panel. Additionally, a SPDIF digital output on optical or coaxial is offered, should you wish to use the Vena as a digital preamplifier.

Quad Vena back

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Quad Vena is its integration with computer-based devices. Connecting a computer to the Quad Vena’s USB B input allows for digital media streaming up to a truly Hi-Res 192kHz

For those with mobile devices, Qualcomm’s aptX Bluetooth codec is supported, for CD quality casting over Bluetooth. Users of Apple’s mobile devices will no doubt rejoice at the inclusion of integrating device hosting for iOS devices over USB.

Connect your iPad or iPhone to the Quad Vena to take advantage of Vena’s world-class DAC capabilities, with the reliability of a cabled connection. It seems Quad’s engineers have thought about everything!

Quality Quad Amplification

Quad is a legendary manufacturer of power amplification, and one of the first companies to gain a reputation for excellent sounding solid-state amplifiers with groundbreaking designs such as the Quad 405

It should come as no surprise then, that the Quad Vena offers a superb sounding integrated power amplifier. Enjoy a powerful 2x45watts into 8 ohms, which should be enough to drive the vast majority of loudspeakers with ease.

Audio excellence should be expected from Quad, and hence a signal to noise ratio of 108db with a frequency response of 20Hz to 30kHz is both impressive and to be expected from the Quad Vena.

The Quad Vena represents an exciting glimpse into Quad’s contemporary design philosophy and promises a great future for this iconic brand. If you’re looking for an integrated amplifier with exceptional audio quality, iconic styling and heritage combined with modern digital connectivity, then one need look no further than the Quad Vena integrated amplifier.

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