Posted on Thu, 05 Dec, 2019
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Having come out of a summer of promo, the typical time we see offers I am pleased to say this year they have not stopped yet! Q Acoustics have always been at the time of their game when it come to price Vs performance however they also offer cost no object “high end” loudspeakers as well – the 300 and 500 models. A stand-mount and floor-stander respectively.  Currently you can save 20% on these prestige models with “Q Acoustics Winter Promo Save 20% on Concept 300 And 500”

Concept 300

Q Acoustics Winter Promo Save 20% On Concept 300 And 500

The compact powerhouse that is the 300, featuring many ingenuous design principles – many of which are only seen in Q Acoustic speakers such as the Dual Gelcore™ to reduce the effect of negative high frequency cabinet vibrations. The stands may look like piece of modern art however they too feature on point acoustic design principles ensuring that unwanted vibrations are reduced to the absolute minimum.

Concept 500

Q Acoustics Winter Promo Save 20% On Concept 300 And 500

Those in need of more low end performance but do not want to loose the beautiful aesthetic or performance need to look no further than the 500. As you would expect from a floor standing speaker the low end performance drops from 55Hz in the 300 to 41Hz in the 500 meaning this along with the larger imaging and dynamic scale make the 500 the real winner for those who can accommodate!

What is on offer?

From now until the 20th January 2020 you can save 20% on either the 300 or the 500 when you trade in any speaker! Any speaker, we do not care what – it could be those old Tandy’s classics you have under the bed or a pair you buy yourself of eBay just to take advantage of the deal!


Concept 300current RRP £3595.00 Save 20% new RRP £2876.00 (Wood finishes, Oak, Ebony and rosewood new RRP £3195.99

Concept 500current RRP £2995.00 Save 20% new RRP £2396.00 (All finishes)

Taking finishes, there are range of beautiful options – check these out:


How do I get involved?

All you need to do is get yourself a donor pair of speakers (call us if you do not!) give us a call or email (see here) and we will do the rest, in almost all cases we able to provide you with labels to drop your speakers at a local collection point and they all you have to do is wait for your shiny new ones! We have a wide range of payment methods available also such as cold hard cash, card or a tailored finance package – one such example could be:

Concept 500 Black/Rosewood: Current RRP £3994.95

Trade in your old speakers – £798.99 (As mentioned this could even be old Gale Movistars which sell on average for £45.00 meaning you could get over 17 times their resale value on eBay!)

Limited time offer: £3195.96

Deposit: £319.60 (minimum 10%, max 50%)

Advance: £2786.36

Over 24 Months 0%: £119.85 per month.

Terms and conditions apply.

As previously mentioned we can arrange all logistics for you and make this as simple as it should be!

There you go, the Q Acoustics Winter Promo Save 20% On Concept 300 And 500: All that is left to do is get in touch and upgrade to the speaker of your dreams ; )

You can also find more deals from us here.




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