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First launched in 2017, PS Audio Stellar hi-fi separates are the marvellous works of audio engineer Darren Meyer. In what would be a first for the audiophile community, this series of high-end audio components revealed the a brand new invention named the “Analog Cell”. In a bid to take advantage of the sweet spot of the class D output stage whilst benefiting from the quality of class A MOSFET input, Meyer married the two and so forth was birthed Stellar’s Analog Cell.

PS Audio is a well-established high end manufacturer of hi-fi components, with firm foundations on American soil. Based in Colarado, USA, the company have spent almost 50 years specialising in audiophile grade equipment and power components. From groundbreaking power cables, preamplifiers, DACs and their innovative mains regenerators and conditioners, PS Audio’s products capture the innovative spirit, passion and dedication that is the beating heart of the family run company.

PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Power Amplifier

PS Audio Stellar S300 Stereo Power Amp

When the Stellar line first hit PS Audio’s website back in 2017 with three Stellar Products, the S300 was one of releases. The most affordable component in the range, the 300 watt amplifier is the starting product to employ Meyer’s Analog Cell alongside a class D output stage. An invention designed to breath new life into your loudspeakers, honouring the complexities of the original recording by capturing the finest micro details with no compromise to massive macro dynamics for a stellar performance.

PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Pre Amplifier

Stellar Gain Cell DAC and Pre Amplifier

Setting the benchmark standard for amplification, PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell combines a high performance DAC, purist headphone amp and cutting edge analog pre-amplifier. This DAC operates 100% in the analog world, meaning the subtle nuances and details in musical passages are completely preserved. Gilbert Cell technology takes control of volume gain in the pre-amp, and works independently in conjunction with the amp stage rather than external circuitry.  With its ESS Sabre Hyperstream architecture it supports high rest PCM, DSD and CD’s giving you an abundance of choice and a perfect pairing of purely analog and tech heavy digital technology.

PS Audio Stellar Phono Stage

Stellar Phono Stage

Designed to accompany the other Stellar components, Stellar’s phono stage is a engineering work of art. Darren Meyer’s advanced approach to hi-fi is the basis for the Stellar phono stage’s fully discrete low noise FET design and one of a kind hand-tune class A analog circuitry. With a plethora of loading options for the punchiest MM and MC cartridges that can be remote controlled, the Stellar Phono Stage refines vinyl records with insane dynamics and convincing realism.

PS Audio Stellar M700 Mono Power Amplifier (Pair)

Stellar M700 Mono Power Amp

Stellar amplifiers were designed by PS Audio as a more affordable range in comparison to the  well-formed Stable and highly acclaimed BHK amps. The M700 joined the S300 in first releases into the Stellar universe, with the prevailing model offering more power at 700 watts per channel. For inputs, the M700 has RCA and XLR connections. Combining the same ultra-linear high-current class D output stage as the aforementioned model with the zero-feedback discrete class A MOSFET Analog cell, the M700 gets the full benefits of cutting-edge amplifier design. This pair can drive even the most demanding speakers with ease.

PS Audio Stellar Strata Integrated Amplifier

Stellar Strata Integrated Amp

Brand new to the range is the Strata integrated amplifier, which rightly joins the existing audiophile essentials. PS Audio’s newest entry takes hold of the critical Analog Cell topology for the power amp, whilst the patented GainCell preamp ensures powerful headphone listening. Accommodating for the latest music listening modes, the Strata contains a high-res streaming module and high end DAC premium music streaming from Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz via their supported app. Pushing 200w per channel, the Strata’s abilities are exponential, and we can’t wait to try it out with a pair of speakers or headphones.

PS Audio Stellar M1200 Mono Power Amplifier (Pair)

Stellar M1200 Mono Power Amp

The ultimate high fidelity component in the PS Audio Stellar range is the M1200 Mono Power amp, which we are currently awaiting the launch of for Spring 2020. Similar in dimensions to the M700 but with substantially more power, rating 1200 watts per channel, we can’t think of a pair of loudspeakers that they won’t be able to handle. There’s been no rush with the M1200, rather than employing the Analog Cell alongside a class D output stage, the M1200 uses an acoustic enhancing vacuum tube input. A decision shared by both Paul Mcgowan and Darren Meyers, we’re excited to unlock the M1200’s beautifully musical, deeply complex, finely detailed and graceful sonic potential

To explore PS Audio’s high end product catalogue further, take a look at their main website.

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