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PS Audio rethink mains regeneration as we know it, with a series of power plants that feed your system pure, unadulterated, perfect mains power. Reflecting on the original mission to supply music reproduction, PS Audio’s power plants strip back and target the very blood of your hi-fi systems – the mains power. In operating such a precious hi-fi or av system, the vital components require cleanest power supply to be flowing in circulation to ensure that prime health is maintained.

PS Audio’s Power Plant mains regenerators refine, and define your system with distortion free sound and provide the power for breath-taking dynamics and a great performance every time you turn on the power!

PS Audio P12

What do PS Audio products do?

Improving the mains signal that reaches audio components has been a hot topic amongst kit owners across the globe, with conversations often pointing to mains filtration as a solution. With audio manufacturers being first to feel this Zeitgeist, a  shift was felt and brands like PS Audio honed in on power components for mains conditioning and regeneration. PS Audio Power Plants are are serious about their jobs, packaged in a box that offers a polite hark to art deco design, they do not simply filter the mains power by removing noise and harmonic distortion, they actually repair it. Since every electrical components we use need power, its crucial that the power we feed it is of the best quality. Which is why we are convinced that enhancing your kit with a PS Audio Power Plant is one of the best upgrades you could make.

How does PS Audio work?

A PS Audio Power Plant takes the incoming AC power, regenerates and converts it into DC, then uses then uses exclusive PS Audio technology to regenerate and create new regulated AC power. Unlocking the full potential of your system, PS Audio’s Power Plant Regenerator’s  take matters into their own hands, relying on the DSD engine which is sourced from the sine wave regenerator for the output signal rather than the noisy power lines that power our homes. With a game-changing approach, and serious set of specifications for healthier AC power, we consider them a serious contender for the home audio visual enthusiast.

All the issues that can be associated with a defected power supply can be rectified with a PS Audio power plant. During the power regeneration process, any damaging issues in the power supply such as distorted waveforms, fluctuating dynamics, sagging voltage, low or lagging power, and unwanted noise are eliminated. For further improvements to the AC power, you can use Cleanwave or Multiwave to enhance the sinewave and achieve crystal clear sound quality.

P3 Inside

Why do I need a PS Audio unit?

Mains power can be rife with issues with electrical noise, distortion and sagging voltage. These problems can come from a range of things. Sagging voltage for example can be sourced back to how tightly the wires are screwed down on the different connections in your system. This can make the electrical impedance become unstable which causes fluctuations in voltage in the mains power which power supplies try to fix with sudden current surges. This however can cause sagging in the current, an issue which can eventually affect other devices and how well they perform.

PS Audio’s regenerator’s rectify these issues in the mains line by reducing variations or fluctuations in the current and correcting distorted waveforms. Fixing the AC power means your hi-fi and AV equipment can benefit from the purest power supply, and sound even better and for even longer.


P3 Power Plant

The P3 Power Plant is the smallest model, with 4 outlets and an amplifier that maxed out 300VA. This model can power smaller amps and front- end sources and is a great place to start to get the benefits of PS Audio’s amazing mains regenerating. It looks neat and tidy, comes with a remote for convenient unit control, and as one of the slimmer options from the brand, and at such an attainable price the question is, why would you not?

PS Audio P12

P12 Power Plant

Taking it up a notch, the P12 has 4 outlets similar to the aforementioned model, but has a lot more power with a 100 watt capacity. For it’s compact size, this is as powerful as you can get and with user-friendly features such as touch screen it offers a perfect partnership of functionality and convenient. The P12 offers a happy medium between the P3 and P12, providing the route for purified AC power for small components or small to medium sized amplifiers.PS Audio P15

P15 Power Plant

Sitting above the P12, the P15 offers class-leading performance, from a bigger and more powerful mains regenerator with ten outlets, touch display screen and 1200w capacity. Three of the outputs are high current which is great if you’re looking to power bigger systems with beefier amplifiers. Rediscover hidden musical details and enjoy a dynamic performance with the P15. All you need to do is plug it in!

How can you improve your system further?

To improve your system even further, we recommend using a PS Audio cable for a full mains solution for your hifi and/or AV system. PS Audio’s AC Power cables are constructed using quality components and are specially designed to significantly improve sound quality by shielding against electrical noise and interference.

To take a look at the full range of products PS Audio offer, head over to our main website or visit PS Audio’s website.

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