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Pro-Ject VPO 175 record player is a limited edition work of engineering artistry, guaranteed to be a collectable and desirable addition to your Hi-Fi collection.

Pro-Ject have recently launched the VPO 175, an extremely exclusive and limited edition variant of the Pro-Ject Classic Turntable. The VPO 175, has been created in conjunction with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to celebrate 175 years of the VPO. The Pro-Ject VPO 175 combines the excellent design and performance of “The Classic” turntable, with artisinal, musical instrument inspired details and finishes.

What a treat it is to examine this beautiful turntable in finer detail…

Pro-Ject VPO 175

Pro-Ject VPO 175

We’re no strangers, here on The Audio Affair Blog, to Pro-Ject’s superb range of turntables; one of the few turntable manufacturers with the engineering and manufacturing ability to create credible, true Hi-Fi decks at both the budget and prestige ends of the price spectrum.

Pro-Ject’s VPO 175 represents the celebration of two anniversaries: Pro-Ject’s “The Classic” turntable, upon which the VPO 175 is based, was designed specifically to mark Pro-Ject’s 25th Anniversary. The VPO 175 is a very special edition of that turntable, which marks the 175th anniversary of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Pro-Ject VPO 175

Pro-Ject have their offices based in Vienna, Austria, making the tie-in with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra a natural and obvious collaboration between two Viennese institutions founded upon the excellence of music. The VPO was first founded in 1842 as a means of performing the symphonic repertoire and, in its early days, specifically the works of Ludwig van Beethoven.

Heavily inspired by orchestral instrument materials and design, the Pro-Ject VPO 175 is a strictly limited edition of 175 units only. Each turntable is individually numbered on a special plaque with the serial number of the turntable and the name of the owner. The turntable and accessories are delivered in a bespoke crate, branded with the VPO logo. Make no mistake, this is a very special edition turntable…

Pro-Ject VPO 175 crate

Artisinal Craftsmanship

Taking inspiration from the instruments of the orchestra, the Pro-Ject VPO 175 incorporates materials, finishes, and in some instances, even parts of orchestral instruments in its build and design. Fine woods, metals and handcrafted finishes all contribute to the striking visual appearance of the VPO 175.

Two beautiful wooden finishes are available, Bright Violin and Dark Cello; both of which are handsome veneers using the same wood and varnish types of their namesake instruments. Contrasting the wooden plinth, beautifully, is a gilded metal chassis with echoes the polished metal of symphonic brass instruments.

VPO 175 tonearm

The tonearm is a highly polished, 9″ S-shaped aluminium tonearm, with an equally highly polished brass headshell and, continuing the theme, the headshell arm lift is a genuine flute key. Mounted to that headshell, is a bespoke moving coil cartridge by Ortofon, specially made just for the VPO 175.

The cartridge is based upon Ortofon’s flagship Cadenza series but specifically tweaked for the Pro-Ject VPO 175. The cartridge housing is made from a very high damping alloy, which is carefully polished to match the beautiful plinth of the VPO 175 turntable. Ideally suited to the nuances of classical music, the cartridge is a perfect pairing for such a special turntable.

A Superb Performance

All of this wonderful aesthetic beauty certainly makes for a beautiful ornament, however, this is also a high-performance piece of analogue Hi-Fi. It’s crucial that behind the beautiful facade lies the heart of a performance piece of analogue engineering; thankfully, as a product of Pro-Ject, one can be assured of a superb performance.

Carried over from “The Classic”, is the two-plinth frame design which mounts the motor in a separate plinth to the bearing and tonearm, reducing electrical and mechanical noise. The two plinth sections are isolated from each-other with Thermo-Plastic Elastomers (TPE). Utilising TPE, rather than the spring-loaded method of many older designs, makes for a simple setup and excellent performance.

An engineering work of art? An exclusive collectable? Or, an exemplary piece of analogue Hi-Fi?
The Pro-Ject VPO 175 turntable is all of these and more; only 175 people will ever have the privilege of owning one of these strictly limited edition turntables.

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