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Pro-Ject DS2 micro components prove Pro-Ject’s ¬†about more than just turntables; we take a look at the premium range of Pro-Ject’s ‘Box Design’ range.

We know Pro-Ject for their ever popular turntable range, which has become legendary for offering a remarkable ratio of price/performance. You may not be aware, however, that Pro-Ject also makes a range of micro components under their ‘Box Design‘ brand.

Pro-Ject Box Design

So, are the Pro-Ject DS2 micro components ‘Box-ing clever’ or should Pro-Ject have stuck to making turntables? Let’s get the low-down on this interesting range of micro components.

Box Fresh – Pro-Ject DS2

The first thing apparent when one takes an overview of the DS2 range is the form factor; each box measures just over 20cm squared in footprint. To make that live a little, that’s only slightly larger than a traditional, 7″ 45RPM single in its sleeve!

These are compact boxes, which comprise a range of amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, and sources; in short, everything you’d need (barring speakers of course) to build an entire component Hi-Fi system, in an ultra compact form factor

Pro-Ject DS2 Sources

Two source units are available in the DS2 range: The CD Box DS2-T and the DAC Box DS-2 Ultra. As we’re about to see though, they’re probably best considered as one source unit, complementing each other.

The CD Box DS2-T is a pure CD Transport, with no onboard DAC; whilst this omission could be greeted with howls of derision in a traditional consumer environment, in an Audiophile setting, it’s no bad thing. Rather than include an average DAC which most audiophiles would simply bypass for an external DAC, the DS2-T provides a simple, rock solid CD transport.

Pro-Ject DS2 CD BOX

The DAC Box DS-2 is an ideal companion to the CD Box DS2-T; a highly flexible DAC with 6 digital inputs (1x USB, 3x optical & 2x coax S/PDIF) it’s ideally suited as the ‘digital front end’ for your micro component system. Built around the AK4490 D/A chip, the DAC Box DS-2 supports up to 32bit/768kHz asynchronous USB, up to 24bit/192kHz for optical & coax inputs, plus DSD64, DSD128 & DSD256

Pro-Ject DS2 Dac Box

DS2 Pre Amplifiers

As a renowned manufacturer of turntables, it should come as little surprise that Pro-Ject offer dedicated phono preamplifiers as part of the Pro-Ject DS2 range; these being the Tube Box DS2 and the Phono Box DS2. Both of which will support MM and MC type phono cartridges

The Tube Box utilises a pair of ECC83 Valves for the heart of the amplification circuit, with useful Audiophile features such as selection between 2 phono inputs & 2 line outputs,  selectable MC input impedance, selectable MM input capacitance and a selectable subsonic filter.

Pro-Ject DS2 Tube Box

The Pro-Ject Phono Box offers very similar features with Solid State convenience; the Phono Box DS2 USB edition, however, offers convenient USB connection to a computer. Ideal for archiving your precious vinyl collection.

For those looking for a fully featured preamplifier as the front end for their system, look no further than the Pre Box DS2. Available both with and without an inbuilt DAC, the PreBox is an ideal solution to a high quality, ultra compact pre-amplifier.

DS2 Amplification

Whether you’re after an integrated amplifier with Digital convenience (MaiA Ds2), a dedicated, ultra compact stereo power amplifier (Amp Box DS2) or a high-end headphone amplifier suitable for both balanced and traditional headphones (Headbox DS2), there’s an amplifier for you in the DS2 range.

Pro-Ject DS2 MaiA

A Box for all Purposes

It seems then, that no matter what the situation, there’s a Pro-Ject DS2 Micro Component to suit your requirements. At Audio Affair, we strongly suggest you take a look at this great range of Audiophile components.

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