Posted on Fri, 28 Jul, 2017
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Swedish Hi-Fi design house Primare introduce a new trio of components featuring Primare Prisma streaming functionality.

Newly released, the I15 and I35 integrated amplifiers are joined by the CD35 CD Player; collectively they represent Primare’s new trio of components which feature their proprietary Primare Prisma streaming connectivity solution.

Let’s take a look at Prisma’s functionality, as well as the exciting new units which take advantage of the powerful functionality Prisma offers….

Primare Prisma

Primare Prisma

Primare Prisma is Primare’s newly released solution to the demands of today’s customers, looking for fully integrated network streaming. Primare Prisma allows owners of Prisma equipped components to enjoy media stored locally, as well as enjoying streaming media.

Primare Prisma operates via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi and allows for full multi-room and multi-zone control and connectivity. Prisma’s comprehensive wireless control is delivered via the Prisma app, which enables you to manage Prisma from your mobile device of choice.

I15 Integrated Amplifier

The Primare I15 integrated amplifier represents Primare’s entry solution to Prisma equipped integrated amplification. Utilising Primare’s UFPD (Ultra Fast Power Device) technology for the power amplifier topology ensures a powerful (2×75 Watts), compact and highly energy efficient output stage.

Primare I15

The I15 is very much geared up to be the digital hub of your system, with extensive digital connectivity forming the bulk of the I15’s ‘pre-amplifier’; a pair of analogue in/out is provided, however, for those still wishing to connect a traditional analogue source.

I35 Integrated Amplifier

Primare I35 front


Primare’s I35 Integrated amplifier was the first to use UFPD power amplifier topology, and in the I35 it generates a hefty 2×150 Watts of muscle! The I35 is available as a conventional integrated amplifier, as well as full Primare Prisma equipped model; as such it benefits from an extensive analogue preamplifier section.

Analogue inputs are via two pairs of balanced, XLR inputs, along with three pairs of unbalanced RCA connectors. Optional cards endow the I35 with DAC functionality via multiple S/PDIF inputs and USB connectivity for direct computer streaming.

It’s with the addition of the Primare Prisma interface, however, that the I35 truly comes alive as an analogue and digital hub of any Hi-Fi system. Few Integrated Amplifiers can offer the breadth of connectivity and sheer muscle of the Primare I35


Primare I35



CD35 CD Player

As far as digital sources go, Primare’s CD35 CD Player has a lot to offer, especially when fitted with the optional Primare Prisma interface card. The CD35 Prisma CD player showcases a brand new DAC stage which features that current staple of High-End DAC duties, the ESS Sabre chipset.

Primare cd35


The high-performance DAC facilitates the conversion of up to PCM 384 kHz and DSD 128 which is then fed into a delicately tuned and precisely balanced analogue output stage. As with other Primare Prisma equipped devices, supported file formats include WAV, LPCM, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, MP4 (AAC), WMA, OGG, and DSD.

It’s entirely plausible to consider that the Primare CD35 could become your main and only component source; and with the optional Prisma upgrade, it represents a truly future-proofed source, capable of giving many years of listening pleasure.


6 thoughts on “Primare Prisma brings streaming to Primare Hi-Fi”

  1. Pall Silvan Ennigard says:

    How does the sound differ from the previous i32 ?

    1. Audio Affair says:

      From what we’ve heard its still characteristically Primare but sounds
      a lot better. We’ll report more as soon as our demo stocks arrive 🙂

      1. Pall Silvan Ennigard says:

        Thanks for the reply, looking forward to hear your impressions.
        I am using the Primare Dac30 into Advantage S100 integrated amp to a pair of Graham Audio 5/9, world like to have a all in one dac/amp.

        1. Audio Affair says:

          OK sounds good. We’ll be announcing their arrival on our newsletter, social media (Facebook) etc as soon as they’re in store – likely with lots of photos and feedback, so watch this space 🙂

          1. Richard Frost says:

            Hi interested in the Pre32 but might wait if there’s a new pre amp coming out . Is there any plans for them to release a replacement for the Pre32 ?

          2. Audio Affair says:

            Richard – we’re not aware of any new models yet other than the I15, I35 and CD35 which are due soon. Its worth bearing in mind that the PRE32 is an incredible deal currently now that we’re running the clearance price on it and if they do release a new one in 2018 it will cost considerably more than the PRE32 does now (in any case if you order a PRE32 you can always part exchange it in future) 🙂

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