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Primare hifi separates models are a polite hark to minimalist Scandinavian design. Unmistakably Danish and a true representative of the country’s sound and style, these components are built on a brand ethos of simplicity, functionality and great sound. With a conscious desire that values balance and harmony, Primare’s audio products are a commitment to a lifestyle.

Primare HiFi Prisma with App

History of Primare HiFi

Primare is a Danish brand founded on the fundamental aim to draw away from typical hi-fi companies, with a view to take on more conscious lifestyle approach. The company was founded by the passionate Bo Christenden who created a gifted and dedicated team with the mission to bend the rules. Aiming firstly to achieve quality sound, Primare focuses on beauty, simplicity, functionality and innovation, all elements which were embodied in their first 928 range of products.

Their ethos of style, sound and sense shaped a new wave of hi-fi products throughout the mid 80’s with Primare’s 900 and 200 series and this innovative and entrepreneurial spirt continued throughout the 1990’s. Today Primare HiFi components follow the same philosophy, reflecting the attractive nature of Scandinavian design, and a practicality and quality that ensures absolute longevity.

Scandinavian At The Core

Seriously evolutionary, Primare’s audio components are technically excellent and aesthetically elegant. Describing their approach to audio engineering as “holistic”, Primare are a Scandinavian to the core, and represent the ultimate expression of the core Danish values of life. The Danish term “hygge” which translates as cosy ad means the deeply satisfying feeling of time well spent is at the core of Primare design ethos, as it reflects the practical, functional, and shared experience which the brand aim to celebrate.

Another term central to their physical design is Lagom – “when things simply feel right. You will know it when you see and hear Primare.” This is a value the brand attribute to all their products, understanding the importance of balance and harmony and ensuring everything is in it’s place. There award-winning minimalist Primare HiFi components are valued throughout the globe, appealing to the design conscious and those who value simplicity.

We supply a range of Primare at Audio Affair including CD transports, CD players, pre-amplifiers, integrated amps, power amps and network players. If you’re interested in the harmonic sound and balanced vision of Scandinavia, we’re inviting you to try Primare at home on a 30 day money back guarantee, just get in touch with us here for more details.

Primare HiFi DD35 CD Transport

CD Transports

Primare DD15 and DD35 are dedicated CD transports for the brand’s integrated amps and pre amps and DACS. They are built with a Philip’s transport grade CD slot, chosen especially for their ultra-low noise, low vibration properties. Custom power supply technology ensures precision and improved sound, and with a Signature sleek and stylish build, this is a great upgrade to your system.

Primare HiFi CD35 CD Player

CD Players

Although modern ways of accessing music have shifted towards the digital domain, a high quality CD player is a greatly valued piece of equipment for those who value the physical appeal of a CD. Primare HiFi CD Players, CD15 and CD35, offer a modern take on CD players by incorporating Prisma, a cutting-edge wireless multi-room technology. They are available in black and titanium finishes. Enhancements to the CD35 come in the form of a built-in DAC and custom Prisma streaming technology which can be controlled over it’s cutting edge app for an even more flexible use.

Primare HiFi PRE35 Pre Amplifier


Each component has beauty at the forefront of the designs, to ensure Primare HiFi systems have a seamless flow and elegance. Their pre-amps are ultra-compact, yet provide a wealth of music access throughout the home with Prisma technology. With a DAC and support for hi-res digital files, the SC15 combines network streaming whilst the fully balanced PRE35 also features an advanced DAC and is a perfect partner for the A35.2 power amp.

Primare HiFi I25 Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifiers

Combining award-winning elegant looks with the ultimate functionality, the I15, I25,  and I35 integrated amplifiers are the ultimate expression of contemporary Primare hi-fi design. With a tiny footprint, these multi-room, ultra-connected amps are high performance and high power. Optional DAC and Prisma streaming modules are available, class-D amplification, multiple sources and cutting edge technology for a sophisticated and functional set-up that strikes the right balance for easy music listening.

Primare HiFi a352

Power Amplifier

The A35.2 offers pure power and agility, with 200 watts per channel, it’s able to deliver an incredibly spacious and natural performance. Enhanced with Primare’s patented class D amplification, the A35.2 reflects the highest quality the brand try to maintain throughout their designs. And with such high power output, the A35.2 is able to drive pretty much any size speakers, highlighting that simplicity does not compromise on performance.

Primare HiFi NP5 Prisma Network Streamer

Network Streamer

With Primare hifi separates, each components has its place. Each piece is valued, and not one offers more than another, but strikes the right balance to ensure harmony. The To enhance any digital system, NP5 Prisma Network Streamer utilises the fantastic Prisma technology for high quality wireless music streaming via AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, integrated Chromecast, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect or even a NAS drive. Even better, you can use the NP5 with other brand devices for true versatility. Whatever kind of audio equipment you’re looking for, with Primare, a fundamental truth is that they will look good wherever they find a home.

To find out more about Primare’s award-winning Scandinavian hi-fi, head over to their website.

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