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Representing the finest of Italian craftmanship,  Pathos Acoustics range of hi-fi separates embody indsutrial design and innovative technologies in a pursuit to achieve the most accurate reproduction of music possible. Their high-end amplifiers are designed to deliver the best possible sound with a range of headphones and loudspeakers right upto those that are most demanding.

Pathos Inpol EAR

Who are Pathos Acoustics?

Pathos is an Italian hi-fi company founded in 1994. Led by a team of three in Vicenza, Italy, Pathos Acoustics took a fluid approach to hi-fi manufacturing, not constrained by any particular rules but with the single goal to achieve the most faithful reproduction of music. Embodying the traditional ways of Italian craftsmanship, Pathos Acoustic’s hi-fi separates are hand-crafted using the finest materials.

Pathos amplifiers are incredibly unique and high quality, paying special attention to even the smallest details, you can tell their products are created with a passion. After over 25 years in the industry, Pathos Acoustics electronics which include pre-amps, power amps, headphone amps and integrated amps are a winning combination of style and quality.

Compact Range

Pathos range starts with the smaller models. Built by hand for desktop or hi-fi rack placement, these compact amplifiers pack Pathos’ experience into smaller designs. The Aurium headphone amp is the most popular model in the range and well suited to drive almost any headphones. Operating purely in the analog domain, this Class A amplifier amp sounds beautifully warm and is available in a range of colours.

If you’d like a headphone amplifier with DAC, the Converto Evo is an excellent alternative over Aurium and features S/PDIF input along with USB for playing music from your laptop or PC. A fully balanced design, Converto Evo sounds just as lovely as the Aurium with the added benefit of its very analog sounding onboard DAC.

Their compact range also includes the small but mighty AmpliD power amplifier boasting an impressive 70w per channel (8 ohms) and can be paired with Converto Evo to enjoy Pathos sound through your speakers as well as your headphones.

In some respects all of these models go naturally together, but also featured in the range is the award winning InTheGroove phono stage. One of our favourites, its one of the most beautiful phono stages we’ve heard with a range of RIAA settings to match it perfectly with your particular phono cartridge. We’ve found that many order InTheGroove to go into completely different hi-fi systems but of course you can also match it with the Aurium or Converto Evo (as some of our customers still have) to enjoy a very impressive headphone listening system for vinyl.

Pathos Acoustics smaller hi-fi range

Inpol Integrated Amplifiers

As with all of Pathos Acoustics hi-fi separates, build-quality is of paramount importance and in moving up the range not only are the Inpol amps solidly made, they’re also stunning and simply striking. Perhaps some of the most unique amps we’ve seen, Pathos know how to make a statement both visually and sonically.

Pathos integrated amps use a patented InPol fully balanced Class A circuitry and are capable of reproducing music with breathtaking realism. Their InPol range of integrated amps starts with the Pathos Inpol Remix MkII which like many of Pathos models uses valves for a pure and harmonic reproduction of music. It also has an optional DAC module for access to your digital sources.

Pathos Inpol Remix MkII Amplifier

The Pathos TT was the first amp to use the exclusive InPol system, which harmonises with the valve amplifier to ensure the purest audio signal and authentic reproduction of the music source. The most unique looking amp from Pathos with an exposed valve design, the TT boasts originality and harmonic sound.

After the success of the TT in the original sonic characteristic achieved by the Inpol technology, Pathos created the Inpol 2 with a second generation of this patented technology. Pathos engineers developed this to deliver low output impedance via a solid state stage so that it can handle any loudspeaker.

And because the InPol circuitry is fully balanced , there is zero feedback. The magic is undeniable, and the InPol 2 lets you revive your music library with sensational sound defined by a fantastic midrange, realistic reproduction of instruments and awe-inspiring soundstage.

Stalwarts of the range

Pathos Acoustics range also features several other amplifiers that don’t feature the patented InPol technology but are so impressive in sound they have remained a coveted part of the range for some time, such as the Logos MK11 and Classic Remix amplifiers. The Classic Remix amp is also one of the most visually impressive designs, following. This model also has wide appeal and is a great sweet spot for performance in the range featuring both analog/digital inputs and a high quality on board headphone amplifier making it versatile too.

Pathos Logos MkII Amplifier

Logos MKII represents a fusion of class A/B MOSFET output stage and a valve stage. In a quest to find the best reproduction of music, Logos MKII evolves from the original Logos with innovative features that make listening a pleasure every time. You can store the volume for each input and control gain between digital and analog inputs for the optimal performance. The amp is protected against snags, and the power supply has been optimised for a more accurate and dynamic performance.

InPol Ear Headphone Amp

Pathos InPol Ear Headphone Amplifier

A more recent addition to Pathos range owing to the growing demand for excellent amplifiers that can get the best from high end headphones, the Ear headphone amp.

makes listening to good quality headphones even more enjoyable. We’ve been focused as much on headphones as hi-fi for a very long time and have had opportunity to listen to many excellent headphones in this time and the Ear is one of the best we’ve heard.

Built with a fully balanced class A design and innovative InPol system, this amp caters to drive almost any headphones with ease. The valve design makes for a beautifully musical and analog sound, and the onboard HiDac Evo DAC allows you to get the best from your digital music sources as well. Like everything else Pathos makes, build quality is second to none and the Italian craftsmanship shines through in a piece that will take pride of place in your system.

As dedicated Pathos retailers, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee on anything in their range and are on hand to answer any questions you have (follow the link below to contact us through our website. To read more on any of these models, read more on Pathos website and also view the range with pricing on our main website

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