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We can save you more money when you upgrade!

Often getting your desired kit can be an expensive and daunting endeavour! You may have already invested in a quality pair of speakers or an amplifier a few years back and although you have a connection with them you know there is more out there; better performance, sleeker looks etc.  This said, a step up on an already expensive investment often means another one and this can be inadvisable.

This is where we can help – we offer generous part exchange offers against most quality kit, we may not take your 90’s Awai but if, for example, it has Naim or Linn written on it then more than likely we will be able to give you an offer that will impress. We are best placed to sell your old kit on and we can offer top values as we can be sure to recoup it afterwards!

Here are three recent case studies of PX’s we have done for customers to give you an idea of what is possible, names removed of course! (All prices given were current at the time of sale).



Customer had: KEF Q350 speakers
Customer wanted Dali Zensor 3 speakers

Cost of new items:  £319.00
Customer paid only £89.00 in part exchange …a saving of £230.00!

It is not just “high value” offers we are interested in making, if it is viable for us and yourself, we can offer things like above, everyone is happy 🙂

Dali Zensor 3 part exchange



Customer had: Linn Genki CD Player, Linn LK85 Amplifier, Linn Kolektor Pre-Amplifier.
Customer wanted: Naim Uniti Atom All-in-One and Naim Mu-so Qb

Cost of new items: £2516.33
Customer paid only £2016.33 in part exchange …a saving of £500.00!

An example of older Linn kit holding its value well, the customer was looking for something a little easier to live with (fewer boxes and cables etc) but understandably wanted to keep the same performance, the Naim Atom offered this for them. What’s more, the Naim will keep its value for future part exchange opportunities!

Naim Mu-So Qb and Uniti Atom part exchange



Customer had: Naim NAC 82, NAP 250, 2 x HiCap and Musical Fidelity XRAY CD Player
Customer wanted: Naim NAC 252, Naim NAP 250 DR, Naim CD5 XS CD, Naim HiCap DR, Naim StageLine, Naim SuperCap.

Cost of new items: £14128.00
Customer paid only £12000.00 in part exchange …a saving of: £2128.00!

Naim high end part exchangeAn example of a very high-end system replacing an already high-end system, the Naim part exchange equipment gave the customer over £2000.00 off the new kit, suffice to say while the older Naim was glorious the new equipment was an unbelievable upgrade.

We also offer various payment options from cash, card and Paypal to 0% finance with tailored terms just for you! So whatever you need, please get in touch we are here to help!

Contact us with a list of your old equipment – it might be worth more than you think.

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