Posted on Tue, 29 Aug, 2017
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The excellent Oppo UDP-205 4k DVD player receives Signature and Reference edition upgrades which enhance and improve this award winning media player.

If you’re in the market for a high-quality 4k resolution Blu-Ray player, an audiophile grade CD player, or a hi-res USB DAC, the Oppo UDP-205 does them all in one, competitively priced, audiophile friendly package.

Now, Hi-Fi Hot-Rodders Audiocom, offer two, specially tweaked versions of the UDP-205 which enhance the already impressive Audiophile specifications of the Oppo UDP-205

The Oppo UDP-205 – superb out of the box


Oppo UDP-205


We first covered the Oppo UDP-205 on The Audio Affair Blog back in May 2017The Oppo UDP-205 is a well thought out and a highly featured media player which could quite easily be the only disc player you’ll ever need. Oppo’s basic design of the UDP-205 makes it a superb basis for Audiocom’s modifications.

The Oppo UDP-205 utilises two ESS Sabre 9038 PRO DAC chip for D/A conversion; these 32-bit Hyperstream chips allow for outstanding multi channel audio resolution in both stereo and 7.1 configurations.

For video processing, Oppo teamed up with Media Tek to produce and manufacture a specialised 4k Blu-Ray decoder, the quad-core OP8591. This endows the Oppo UDP-205 with the most advanced image decoding and processing technology available.

Oppo UDP-205 Reference Edition




The Oppo UDP-205 Reference Edition improves on the standard UDP-205 in a few key areas; The Audiocom modifications allow true optimisation of the existing design, without compromise. At £2899, these are modifications which more than double the retail price of the basic UDP-205, however, Audiocom’s modifications are fully warranted and officially approved.

Power Supply upgrades:
Audiocom equip the Reference edition UDP-205 with a top-end linear power supply with components specially selected for their low noise performance; this, claim Audiocom, results in “a significant improvement…..greater detail, truer colours…more dynamic contrast, improved image stability, and better depth’

Additionally, Audiocom upgrades the analogue audio power supply to reduce noise levels and increase overall audio fidelity, “…. audio is also notably improved with better timing, increased resolution…..and improved soundstage”.

Improved Disc Read Accuracy:
Audiocom treat the 4K disc loader with a specialist material layer coating developed to absorb electromagnetic (RFI/EMI) energy, reduce static and cancel out unwanted resonances resulting in improved disc read accuracy, colours and picture textures.

Femto Clock:
Audiocom installs an upgraded clock source in order to enhance the resolution of the ESS9038PRO D/A converters, reducing jitter in the process. The incredibly low jitter time (measurable in femto seconds) lends its name to the ‘femto clock’, realising one of the lowest jitter rates in the industry.

Signature Edition




The Oppo UDP-205 Signature Edition takes the improvements on the Reference Edition and enhances them to create a true, No Compromise 4k Media Player of truly world class quality and performance.

Custom, Precision CNC Parts:
When a Blu-ray or SACD disc is played the high speed can cause unwanted vibrations and reduced disc read accuracy. Audiocom replaces large sections of the mechanical 4k disc transport mechanism with custom made, precision CNC parts. Audiocom claims that this ensures rigid disc clamping and resonance control, providing the highest level of data retrieval and lowest jitter.

Additional RFI screening and power supply filtering:
Oppo equips the UPD-205 Signature edition with enhanced power supply filtering and RFI screening, for the finest and purest performance. Ultra low noise regulators are fitted in the Analogue audio supply stage, whilst additional filtering and RFI screening is fitted throughout.


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  1. Gerald Bearman says:

    Exactly how does the modification improve stereo sound from the 205 ? If the player requires such an expensive modification for good natural sound ,then all the reviews I have read are inaccurate.

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