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Opera Loudspeakers range of speakers exude elegance and sophistication. Their striking slim-lined cabinets are easy to insert in any space in your listening room and are optimised for high quality music reproduction. This is a brand that prides itself on the luxury hi-fi experience and impeccable sound quality, ideal for the discerning audiophile.

Opera Loudspeakers Callas Speakers

History of Opera Loudspeakers

Opera loudspeakers are undeniably Italian. Their stylish bodies, warm sound and high-quality materials are a testament to Italian craftmanship. Opera loudspeakers was founded in the late 1980’s with a view to make high quality loudspeakers that are a pleasure to listen to and easy to drive. The company is family-run and based in Treviso, Italy where they design the speakers in house and source materials from local craftsmen when possible. Opera pride themselves in being authentic and transparent, and with partnering up with the brand Unison Research they were to enhance their sophisticated speaker designs with advanced acoustic technologies. Beauty and musicality has become synonymous with the brand over the years, and their loudspeakers embody Opera’s design principles which draws on quality materials and acoustic science as key to an excellent performance.

Callas Line

Everything about the brand embodies regality. The Callas line of loudspeakers are the brands most famous and high-end line, signified by their unique driver configuration. This line consists of a bookshelf speaker, the Callas and two floorstanders – the Callas Diva and the Grand Callas. The Callas speakers were reimagined in 2014, through aan extensive R&D process, utilising a unique driver configuration and newly designed cabinets.

Opera Loudspeakers Callas

A star feature of the Callas line is the back radiation system which sees the two dome tweeters vertically aligned surrounding the front facing cone-woofer to make a natural dipole configuration. This supports the main driver set up (which is formed of premium SEAS and Scanspeaker drivers) in providing ambient, detailed and spacious sound. The Callas is so versatile as you can modify low frequency response, and position the speakers anywhere in the room, even room corners as you can block the reflex ducts for ideal sound wherever you need it. Callas 2-way reflex bookshelf speaker is ideal for shelf or stand placement in medium sized rooms.

The Callas Diva is the mid-level model in the series, and as you go up the range, you get greater scale due to the larger dimensions of the speakers. Like the Callas bookshelf speaker, the Diva floorstander comes in a range of premium wood finish options of mahogany and walnut. Callas Diva is a floorstander made for smaller rooms, and is designed to deliver a musical and inviting sound that immerses the whole room with warmth and feeling.

Opera Loudspeakers Grand Callas

The overall sound of the Callas Speakers is warm and well balanced, with good dynamics and a sweet midrange. So well balanced that they present a soundstage that makes the speakers disappear in the room, leaving nothing but pure musical performance. The Grand Callas which represents the ultimate loudspeaker from Opera delivers a beautifully ambient sound which fills the room with power and poise. An extra woofer makes this loudspeaker more powerful, yet the Grand Callas is not obtrusive, and its streamlined build allows for easier placement. You can also bi-wire this speaker to get the exact Opera sound you desire.

Classica Line

Consisting of the Grand Mezza, Seconda SE and Quinta SE, the Classica line represents Opera’s premium quality hifi at more accessible price point. Far from your standard entry-level floorstanding speaker, the Grand Mezza is capable of a quality music performance with a standard hi-fi system at home. It’s designed to be used with low to medium powered amps (10-12 watts RMS) and utilises the same high purity SEAS woofers known for their low distortion and great definition as seen in the Callas series. It’s also kitted out with the wide dispersion Scanspeak tweeters. For an introduction to Opera’s acoustically scientific and beautifully crafted speakers, the Grand Mezza is a great place to start.

Opera Loudspeakers Grand Mezza

Seconda SE also utilses the same premium drivers which reproduces the mid-range excellently whilst the low end is incredibly accurate. All Opera speaker cabinets are crafted using resonance reducing MDF, which allows for stunning clarity and a consistent sound quality. Since the Opera Seconda has both reflex and closed-box abilities, it provides flexible use for listeners. If used as a closed-box system, it’s particularly good at reproducing vinyl records. But it’s also well suited for use as a pair in a home cinema system for both front and rear channels without needing to add a sub or centre.

The Quinta SE is the top of the Classica line, and Opera have designed this reflex floorstander especially for bi-wiring with four external connectors. It’s a three-way floorstander like the rest of the Classica line but utilises a different midrange in the shape of a annealed polypropylene drive and ABS phase plug. It’s far more sensitive then it’s counterparts and offers a wider frequency response and quality of sound that can be compared to the higher end Opera loudspeakers. Colour wise, the Classica Line gives you more choice with mahogany, black ash, and cherry finishes as well as black or white as a custom order.

Opera Loudspeakers Quinta SE Speakers

Opera loudspeakers captivate us with their warm and musical sound, and with such beautiful crafted cabinets we think these Italian speakers are the right choice for any audio enthusiast looking for an enjoyable, sweet and three dimensional sounding system.

For more information on Opera Loudspeakers, you can find more info on Opera’s website and can also view the full range with pricing on our main website.

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