Posted on Tue, 19 Dec, 2017
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Onkyo A9010 budget integrated amplifier heralds the welcome return of a budget integrated amplifier with a built-in phono stage.

Onkyo’s A9010 integrated amplifier heralds the return of a well-built, good sounding, budget, integrated amplifier, designed for Hi-Fi enthusiasts looking for a “no-frills” route into traditional Hi-Fi. That it includes a phono preamplifier stage and plenty of line inputs only makes its return the more welcome.

With a nostalgic nod to the “good old days” of affordable Hi-Fi separates, we take a look at the Onkyo A9010…

Onkyo A9010

The Integrated Amplifier – the unsung Hi-Fi hero

A simple, “no frills” integrated amplifier is how many of us found a route into the wonderful hobby of Hi-Fi in the first place. A Christmas present from Mum & Dad, or maybe a summer job and savings saw many a teenager and young enthusiast get their hands on an affordable integrated amplifier.

In recent years, however, the humble integrated amplifier has been notably absent at the budget end of the market. The shift towards convenient wireless speakers and “all in one” systems had left the feeling that the budget minded Hi-Fi enthusiast had been left somewhat out in the cold.

Onkyo A9010

Increasingly, those looking for a good quality, affordable integrated amplifier, especially one including a phono preamplifier, were forced to look to 2nd hand units which were often decades old, or hope to land upon an end-of-line discount on a more expensive amplifier.

Thankfully, it appears Onkyo have kept an eye on the recent (and very welcome) return of interest to traditional Hi-Fi separates and those looking to build their first Hi-Fi system, perhaps based around a Turntable or other analogue sources.

The Onkyo A9010 is the answer to everyone’s prayers, who have been searching for a high-quality, high-performance, integrated amplifier at a budget price.

Onkyo A9010 – “does what it says on the tin”

The Onkyo A9010 is attainable, affordable and offers utterly viceless performance at this price point. It offers plenty of power and has a plethora of analogue connections, allowing it to form the hub of any traditional Hi-Fi setup. What Hi-Fi was so impressed they awarded it a full five stars, stating that “You can build a system around this Onkyo and develop it strongly without the amplifier becoming the limiting factor”.

Power output from the discrete output stage is rated at a very healthy 44watts per channel into 8 ohms; this makes it a great match for most loudspeakers and has enough grunt to make the most of budget speakers, which may not be as sensitiveĀ or easy to drive as more expensive offerings.

Having a plethora of connections is important on an integrated amplifier, and Onkyo’s choice of input options for the A9010 will not disappoint. Onkyo has made the wise decision to focus solely on analogue connectivity, at this price point; there’s no Bluetooth or digital connectivity here to unnecessarily push the price up.

Onkyo A9010 back

Instead, what the A9010 owner gets are analogue inputs, and plenty of them; five analogue stereo inputs are provided, one of which is a convenient 3.5 mm front panel mounted jack for mobile devices. There’s also a very welcome integrated phono stage, making the Onkyo A9010 a great choice for those building their first vinyl based system.

A pair of analogue line outputs is provided which allows connection of an external subwoofer, for example, or even a cassette deck for those truly committed to building a traditional Hi-Fi system.

Simple and convenient

A very welcome inclusion, at this price point, is remote control; the included IR remote control allows for source selection, as well as volume control via a neat motorised volume knob. Front panel controls are basic, but realistically all one could need: tone and balance controls along with a “loudness” function are present, as is a “source direct” option which bypasses the tone controls entirely for the cleanest most direct signal path.

Onkyo A9010

Whether you’re looking for your first integrated amplifier, an amp for a spare room, or a reliable replacement for a tired old amplifier, the Onkyo A9010 integrated amplifier is a great choice. We’re thrilled to see an amplifier like this, once again available, at such an affordable price point.

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