Posted on Fri, 20 Mar, 2020
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As the modern marvels of audio technology place streaming in the heart of modern music playing, audio giants Nova Fidelity Music players serve up a dish for all to partake in. Nova Fidelity’s X14 and X35 all in one streaming systems, also known one-box systems and streaming systems have it all. Whether you’re looking to tune in to your favourite radio stations from across the world, rip CD’s or enjoy high quality Bluetooth music streaming, these models making combining traditional music methods and the latest and greatest tech look easy.b

These new all-in-one system models offer a full streaming hi-fi system in one box along with a plethora of other features and at such an accessible price they make an excellent alternative when pitted against Naim’s Uniti streaming models.

Nova Fidelity X14 Lifestyle

Nova Fidelity’s streaming range is an extensive catalog of devices to suit your home entertainment needs. Whether it’s a model with purely streaming abilities you’re after like the X45 or X50, or if you’re after an all-in-one music players with built-in amplifiers, Nova Fidelity cater to you. Tuning in to your favourite stations on a relaxing Sunday afternoon is a breeze, and so is jetting off and exploring the versatility of internet radio. Dig through your CD collections from the 90’s and give them a twirl and access a wealth of artists and albums with Bluetooth streaming.  For high-resolution streaming, CD ripping, and connection to a range of music devices, Nova Fidelity’s all in one streamers achieve technical excellence.

Nova Fidelity X14

Design wise these two models are very different, the X14 all in one streamer is more chunky, square model with a visible antenna whilst both models employ a consciously retro feel. It may be small but its definitely mighty; hosting a range of features including class D amp, DAC chip, CD drive, music server, Bluetooth receiver, Internet radio, recording abilities and network streamer. Designed to be used for an arsenal of music playing options, the X14 also features multiple inputs and outputs for connecting to other sources and has a large screen on the front that displays your music in amazing quality. For a respectively cheaper price, the X14 all-in-one streamer offers great value for money, taking in to consideration the budget conscious listener.

Nova Fidelity X14

Nova Fidelity X35

It’s a big jump in price from the X14 to the X35, and with this leap evolves a scaled back and more streamlined build, a desirable aesthetic factor that is appealing to the design conscious audio enthusiast. With 2 built-in 1000w class D amps the X35 is able to excel in any task thrown at it, whether that’s streaming over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, or playing back bit-perfect CD’s. The X35 digital streamer is the hub for your entertainment, well practiced in wireless connectivity options and kitted-out with a DAB, FM, Internet Radio and a CD drive. For physical connectivity, the X35 streamer features a USB port, digital and analogue inputs. They leave nothing behind when it comes to the music. A flattering unit, the X35 uses premium ESS Sabre DAC chip and at its core you’ll find a mega powerful Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 processor for smooth playback of hi-res files.

Nova Fidelity X35 Black

Surge in Streaming

In previous years, music was as simple as putting on a CD, sitting back and listening to your favourite album from start to finish. Today, music streaming is as easy as that. Music streaming has surged in popularity over the last few years as we emerge from the vinyl revival. Even 5 years ago streaming was in its infancy however today, with the cutting-edge technological advancements, streaming has never been more accessible and enjoyable. The internet has become a virtual music source, with music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and TuneIn giving you more access to more music than ever before. High-fidelity listening has not been left behind either, with TIDAL music streaming service providing access to hi-res audio.

Nova Fidelity x35 Silver


Everything In One

In recent times the demand for all-in-one music systems has been steadily increasing. Since we are living in the digital age, and advancements in computer-based technologies are a the forefront of many hi-fi brands minds, it only makes sense to cater such advancements for the audiophile market.

All-in-one music systems offer a one stop solution to your music needs. Since they are compatible with a range of music playing possibilities, a one-box music system can cater to the whole family’s music preferences. The most obvious advantage is the convenience of having everything you need in one place, all you need to do is add a pair of speakers. Not forgetting their size, they are tiny! Which makes them a great space saving solution.

Pretty much any artist, song, album, and genre is at your fingertips with a Nova Fidelity all in one streamer, so head over to our main website to check them out or visit NovaFidelity’s own website.

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