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The newly revised KEF Q Series continues to impress with its superb point source monitoring and impressive audio performance.

KEF’s Q Series has been one of KEF’s core loudspeaker ranges since 1991; defined by a clean, natural, accurate presentation, the Q Series has been an immensely popular range and a solid fixture in the world of modern Hi-Fi.

Within weeks of release, the new Q Series has been receiving exceptional reviews from the Hi-Fi press, validating KEF’s new redesign. Available in satin black or white, with matching speaker cones (matching grilles available), the new KEF Q Series integrates aesthetically with the modern home.


KEF Q Series


KEF Q Series – Enhanced and Improved

Kef has consistently enhanced and refined the KEF Q Series since it’s introduction over 25 years ago. Now on its 8th iteration, the latest round of improvements and refinements enhance the ethos of “natural, accurate high-resolution sound’, the KEF Q Series has become known for.

Lending its name to the range itself, KEF’s famous Uni-Q driver array is they key to the Q series’ performance. The signature design feature of the Uni-Q driver array places the tweeter in the acoustic centre of the midrange and bass cone.

The acoustic ideal of any loudspeaker is that of the ‘single point source’; the Uni-Q array brings this theory closer than ever to realisation, resulting in a detailed, accurate three-dimensional soundstage. Listeners will note that the soundstage is evenly dispersed throughout the room; the speakers sounding great, virtually regardless of where the listener sits.


KEF Uni-Q array Q Series


A newly designed tweeter assembly enhances the Uni-Q array; a specially designed, damped tweeter loading tube enhances tweeter performance whilst enhancements in the crossover including a new low-distortion inductor, provides cleaner bass.

Redesigned and enhanced Low-frequency drivers, enhance the reproduction and power of low frequency and percussive instruments. A larger roll surround, along with a new spider suspension reduces distortion. Coupled to a new cone structure and an enhanced Auxiliary Bass Radiator (ABR), bass is now better controlled and more impressive.

Sleek Modern Industrial Design

Each and every loudspeaker in the KEF  Q series shares the same, clean, minimalist aesthetic design; and as you’d expect from a legendary company such as KEF, outstanding fit and finish. The Q series enclosures feature a ‘sculpted’ cabinet design with seamless, sleek cabinets unblemished by visible fittings and joints.

The pure, monolithic aesthetic is complemented by a choice of fine black or white satin finishes; the monochromatic, monolithic theme extended to complimenting, matching coloured drivers cones.

Bookshelf Speakers

The Bookshelf speakers in the KEF Q series are the Q150 and Q350 models. Both models take advantage of KEF’s CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) port design which, in conjunction with being relocated to the rear of the speaker, reduces port noise and ‘midrange leakage’.

Q150: The Q150 is a great choice for when physical space is limited, or as an excellent entry into the KEF Q Series and single point source monitoring. A two-way, bass reflex design, it features a 130mm aluminium Uni-Q driver. Frequency response is 51Hz-28kHz with a power rating of 10-100W.

Q350: The Q350 takes all the features of the Q150, in a scaled up package. A 165mm Uni-Q driver replaces the 130mm unit of its smaller brethren, with predictable results. The rated Power increases (15-120W) and the low end benefits from a useful extension, with a quoted frequency response of 63Hz-28kHz.

KEF Q Series Q350


Floorstanding Speakers

Q550: The KEF Q550 is the smallest floor-stander in the KEF Q Series lineup. A ‘two and a half way’ enclosure, it features a 130mm Uni-Q driver array, coupled to a 130mm LF driver and two matching Acoustic Bass Radiators. Frequency response is quoted as 58Hz-28kHz with a power rating of 15-130W.

Q750: The KEF Q750 is the midrange floor-stander. Specifications are as per the Q550, but with upscaled (165mm) drivers and ABR’s. Frequency response and power handling are suitably enhanced at 48Hz-28kHz and 15-150W respectively.

Q950: The flagship model of the KEF Q Series, the Q950 uses the same formula as the other Q series floor-standers, but turns it all up to 11. Large, 200mm drivers and ABR units contribute to a frequency response of 44Hz-28kHz with a power handling of 15-200w. These are also, by some way, the most sensitive of all the speakers in the Q range, featuring a sensitivity rating of 91db.

KEF Q Series Q950


Surround options

KEF Q Series Q650C

A dedicated centre channel speaker, the Q650C is available as part of the revised KEF Q Series, which perfectly compliments the other speakers in the range; various KEF subwoofers are also available.

Just as it always then, the new KEF Q series represents outstanding audio quality with the imaging and soundstaging only achievable from a single point source driver. If you’re in the market for truly superb loudspeakers at an affordable price-point, then there’s something in the KEF Q range to suit.



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