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Naim DR power amplifiers continue Naim’s trademark of pace, rhythm and timing by incorporating flagship tech from their Statement series power amplifier.

Naim: one of the undoubted “power brands” within the high-end Hi-Fi world, and manufacturer of some of the most iconic power amplifiers ever made. The newly revised Naim DR power amplifiers incorporate some of the technological breakthroughs developed for their remarkable, flagship “Statement” series power amplifier.

Let’s delve in and see what makes the DR difference within the Naim DR power amplifiers…

Naim DR Power Amplifiers

Naim – Iconic Amplification

Naim has been responsible for some truly iconic and milestone amplifier designs over the last few decades; designs which define what high-end Hi-Fi is all about. From their legendary nap 250 through to the recent and groundbreaking “Statement” amplifier, Naim amplifiers have been a high-end Hi-Fi staple.

2014’s headline-grabbing and bank-busting “Statement” power amplifier introduced a wave of high-end developments which have now “trickled down” to Naim’s regular line of power amplifiers. This exotic amplifier introduced a new kind of transistor for Naim, as well as a new kind of power supply architecture.

The NA009 power transistor was specially commissioned by Naim to meet the stringent demands of the “Statement” amplifier. Produced in conjunction with semiconductor specialists, Semilab, each transistor is very closely matched and individually numbered for peak performance.

The other main technology which has “trickled down” from that flagship amplifier, is Naim’s DR (Discrete Regulation) power supply technology. By employing discrete components and an advanced design topology, Naim claims to have made a power supply which is thirty times quieter than its already impressive predecessor.

Naim DR Power Amplifiers

Named after the DR technology employed in the new designs, the updated range of Naim DR power amplifiers incorporates new models, as well as updates on classic designs such as the iconic nap 250. All DR series amplifiers feature the improved DR power supply circuitry, and from the nap 250DR upwards, the NA009 transistors used in the flagship “Statement” amplifier.

In addition to these new technologies, Naim has made a few other tweaks to the designs: the circuit board designs in the power amplifiers have been revisited, alongside further improvements to transistor mounting and heat sinking. These revisions guarantee better performance than even the previous generation amplifiers.

Naim DR Range

Naim nap 200DR

The Naim nap 200 holds an important place in the history of Naim as their first production power amplifier. Introduced in 1971, It is a simple design which embodies all the classic Naim qualities of great musicality and listener involvement.
Recently redeveloped into the nap 200DR, it sits above the entry-level nap 100 amplifier and offers 70 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms.

Naim nap200DR

Naim nap 250DR

The Naim nap 250DR is our best selling power amplifier and with good reason! It’s an exceptionally good sounding power amplifier with a power output of 80 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms. First introduced in 1975, the nap 250 is a true modern classic, and has been regularly updated through the years to keep its performance in line with its legend.

The latest nap 250DR version incorporates all the advances of the DR power supply circuit upgrades, as well as introducing the very special NA 009 transistors. These upgrades bring the legendary nap 250 firmly into the 21st century with a sound and performance which are hugely impressive.


Naim nap 300DR

The Naim nap 300DR represents a significant step up the ladder, in terms of performance and specifications. We love the 250DR, but the 300DR raises the bar significantly; incorporating many of the same features as the behemoth nap 500DR, but for significantly less money, it’s a relative bargain.

Like the flagship, Naim nap 500 DR, the nap 300 DR is a stereo two-chassis amplifier, one box containing the audio amplifier and the second housing the power supply. Offering 90W per channel into 8 ohms, the nap 300DR is capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance.

Naim NAP300DR

Naim nap 500DR

The flagship of all the Naim DR power amplifiers is the mighty Naim nap 500DR. A wholly new design, it represents the culmination of all that was learned through the “Statement” power amplifier project, distilled into a more accessible amplifier.

The design brief for the NAP 500 DR specified an amplifier that could drive any load down to 2 Ohms for prolonged periods, deliver over 100W into 8 Ohms and sound as good, if not better than Naim’s previous flagship amplifier, the NAP 135. Everything about the NAP 500 DR is truly exceptional; from sound quality to build quality to circuit design, it represents the flagship of the Naim DR power amplifiers.




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