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Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL is an award winning fully balanced phono stage that offers you a quality you can trust. Boasting an unrivalled build quality, you only have to feel the MX-VYNL and you’re sure to be wowed. With a rich history of powerful hifi engineering, and reputation to match, Musical Fidelity’s phono stages are sure to satisfy even the most discerning of audiophiles. The MX-VYNL surpasses its competitors with an accurate, articulate and authoritarian sound showcase.Musical Fidelity MX-VYNL Silver


What Hi-Fi’s “Best phono stage over £500” 2019

The MX-VYNL is the winner of the What Hi-Fi Awards 2019 “Best phono stage under £500”. This win comes as no surprise, as the MX-VYNL is incredibly talented. It showcases an amazingly articulate musical presentation, enchanting fluidity and wonderful transparency that lets you hear each note and musical instrument in stunning detail. The MX-VYNL entertains a host of incredible features that contribute to the flexible nature of this phono stage. Additionally, the build quality is completely premium, amplifying the engineering excellence of the MX-VYNL phono stage.


Refined and Accurate Performance

With such a huge market of phono stages to choose from,  it is a huge accolade to win the What Hi-Fi award for the best phono stage under £500. This phono stage offers exceptional value for money, and at this price point delivers an incredibly refined and accurate performance. It uses Musical Fidelity’s acclaimed RIAA correction technology to ensure amazingly accurate results at frequencies beyond 80kHz.

Switchable RCA and XLR connections

When it comes to connection options, the MX-VYNL has you covered at all bases. Along with your traditional RCA inputs and outputs, this phono stage features fully balanced XLR outputs. Usually seen in professional kit, the XLR outputs ensures a cleaner signal path reaches your speakers with low levels of noise and interference. You can easily switch between the two connections for a flexible listening experience.


Plethora of Cartridge Loading Options

Alongside this the MX-VYNL comes with a plethora of different cartridge loading options. This smart machine supports both moving magnet and moving coil cartridges which can be easily switched by turning the elegantly made dial. This phono stage changes the load for the optimum cartridge performance, with 5 different capacitance settings for MM and at least 9 impedance values for MC. Flaunting remarkably low noise and an incredible overload margin, the MX-MXYNL can comfortably handle even the more demanding of cartridges. Further flexibility is provided with a gain switch that increases sensitivity output for lower output cartridges if you need it.

Musical Fidelity Phono Stages

Musical Fidelity Phono stages are truly special in the sense that they are built on a great history of audio expertise. Deciding on a phono stage to add to your system can be hard with the overwhelming amount of models out there. However, with Musical Fidelity, one thing is guaranteed; there is a phono stage for everyone. From the reference level Nu-Vista Vinyl,  M6 Vinyl MM and MC phono stage, fully balanced MX-VYNLLX2-LPS phono pre-amp, or the affordable V90-LPS, there is a well revered phono stage for everyone.

MX-VYNL Black rear

30 Years of Audio Expertise

The legacy of Musical Fidelity extends over 30 years, with the company becoming one of the most popular brands in the HiFi industry. They offer an incredible catalogue of audio products for your hi-fi needs, consisting of high quality turntables, pre-amplifiers and award-winning phono stages. Renowned for their superior sonics, with Musical Fidelity you can expect sensational sound with great power and clarity. With exceptional details and transparency as well  amazing value for money, it is clear why Musical Fidelity’s products are so  appealing. Fine quality components and tremendous sound at the heart of their audio products, and their build quality is second to none.

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