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Musical Fidelity’s integrated amplifiers representĀ the finest components from a class-leading hi-fi brand driven by a pure passion for music. Combining both the functionalities of a pre-amp and power amp in one box, Musical Fidelity’s integrated amps provide a spec heavy space saving solution. Housed in a uniformed set of stylish monochrome boxes, it’s not style over substance with Musical Fidelity’s integrated amps as these powerful audio components are kitted out with impressive list of features.

Musical Fidelity M6si Integrated Amplifier

Musical Fidelity’s Amps

Built on a solid rock foundation, Musical Fidelity represents the consistency of high-quality hi-fi that has proved itself not only reliable over the years, but award-wining. Musical Fidelity’s range of integrated amplifiers do what they’re meant to do. There’s no fuss or elaborate features that distract from their essential purpose, you’re left with what really matters.

Starting with the entry level M2si, a perfect partner for a high quality DAC, followed by the M3si, M5si, M6si and finally the high performance M6500i, this range of amps cater to whatever your budget or listening preference may be. Musical Fidelity’s expert craftmanship shines through with these sophisticated units, developed with trickle down technology from their flagship series, they’re able to deliver dynamic and engaging sound from just about any pair of loudspeakers.

Amplifier Design

Evident in all of Musical Fidelity integrated amplifiers is how attractive they are. At the forefront of their design is simplicity and minimalism, with each amplifier sporting a sleek yet simple chassis in silver or black finishes. With such beautiful looks, these components will make an elegant addition to your listening room.

M2si Integrated Amp

The M2si integrated amplifier from Musical Fidelity’sĀ  M2s Series offers incredible value for money. This model delivers a premium amp experience at a low price, using technology adopted from the flagship Titan model. You’ll get reliable, dynamic and well balanced audio performance from the M2si, with sophisticated musicality and enough power to drive any speakers. Without a DAC, CD, phono stage or streaming abilities, this amp is 100% analog and can be easily integrated into home cinema systems through a Home Theatre through-put. This model is currently available to buy on our main website with a free V90 LPS phono stage.

Musical Fidelity M2si Integrated Amplifier with v90 LPS

M3si Integrated Amp

A step up to the M2si amplifier is the M3si model which features a new upgrade in the shape of a DAC and a built in low noise phono stage. This is a dual mono amplifier that runs in energy efficient class AB mode. The main feature of the M3si is it’s asynchronous USB interface which utilises the built in 24 bit DAC chip to enable high quality playback of your digital music sources as well.

Musical Fidelity M3si Integrated Amplifier

M5si Integrated Amp

The M5si is a popular model thanks to it’s sensational abilities to deliver superb power and clarity. Improving on the features of the M2si and M3si amplifiers, but more affordable than the M6 series, the M5si delivers a beautifully sweet, high end performance with accurate stereo imaging. It comes equipped with multiple connectivity options for playback of choice including the same asynchronous USB interface, phono stage, built in DAC as the M2si.

Musical Fidelity M5si Integrated Amplifier

M6si Integrated Amp

The M6si is one of the more expensive amps, however it is highly sought after model due to it’s stunning achievement at the price. The M6si is an excellent technical performer, with this model featuring XLR inputs and switchable MM/MC inputs. The power output has been improved to 220 watts per channel and the M6si provides amazing power handling and immense stability enough to drive the most demanding loudspeaker. It’s ultra-low distortion and low noise levels ensure an incredibly realistic sound performance.

Musical Fidelity M6si Integrated Amplifier

M6500i Integrated Amp

The M6500i integrated amplifier is the best from Musical Fidelity we , have on offer. This is the product of over two decades of refinements, honing in on the best of amplifier design to create a super integrated amplifier that produces an exhilarating experience. Incredible dynamics, an expansive sound-stage and silky, detailed sound is on offer with the M6500i. If you’re looking for the ultimate power for your speakers, this solid amp offers a stellar performance with 5 inputs, preamp and fixed line input and a whopping 500 watts per channel.

Musical Fidelity M6500i Integrated Amplifier

Complete Your Hi-Fi System

For the ultimate hi-fi setup, there are matching CD players in the M2, M3 and M6 ranges and also option of high end phono stage and pre/power amplifiers in M6 range for you to choose from over on our main website. For remarkably accurate vinyl listening, bit-perfect CD playback and high quality digital audio, Musical Fidelity supplies an incredible range of high-end, high performance components that cater for both traditional and modern day listening requirements.

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