Posted on Mon, 01 May, 2017
Posted by Bob

Love the Phantom but want more? Wish to couple a stereo pair, or group multiple Phantoms? Devialet’s Dialog and Spark app, make all this, and more, possible.

We’ve recently covered Devialet’s remarkable and unique Phantom wireless speaker; here at The Audio Affair Blog, we were rather taken aback by its incredible blend of futuristic aesthetics, cutting edge technology, and remarkable sound quality. Indeed, to refer to it merely as a ‘wireless speaker’ does it something of a disservice.

What if, however, just one Phantom isn’t enough? What if you crave the stereo experience only a pair of Phantoms can give? What if you’ve gone Fanatically Phantom and filled your home with a Phantom in every room? How does one go about integrating and controlling them all?

The Devilishly Dextrous Devialet Dialogue

Devialet has designed the Dialog, a standalone, intelligent hub, to make seamless, painless and powerful control of multiple Phantom speakers a breeze. The Devialet Dialog, ‘significantly enhances the Phantom experience’, bringing with it the advantages of a simplified phantom installation, plus much, much more:

Devialet’s Dialog allows for up to 24 Phantom speakers to be connected to any one Dialog at a time – surely enough for even the most extravagant of setups. By connecting multiple Phantom loudspeakers to a Dialog, the user can create multiple ‘Hi-Fi’ configurations of stereo pairs, multi-room zones, or a combination of the two.

dialog phantoms

The Devialet Dialog allows the user to enjoy HD music streaming services such as Deezer, Qobuz and Tidal. Additionally, Dialog allows for the connection of Phantom loudspeakers which are out of wi-fi range, via AirPlay. Dialog truly is the indispensable hub for those looking to use multiple Phantom speakers.

Devialet dialog

Devialet’s Spark App makes Phantom control a breeze

If the Devialet Dialog is the heart of any multi-Phantom setup, then the Devialet Spark app must surely be the brains. Devialet’s Spark app allows for full control of all Phantoms either collectively or individually, which are connected to the Devialet Dialog hub.

Available as a free download for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OSx, Spark is an intuitive app which transforms the experience of owning and using the Devialet Phantom. The Spark App allows users to group and ungroup Phantoms dynamically, depending upon their needs, and label them within the app accordingly.

Devialet Spark App

Want to listen to Elton John in the Kitchen? It’s done. Pink Floyd in the living room on a pair of Stereo Phantoms? No problem! Justin Beiber cranked out on every Phantom in the house? Well, we don’t condone that kind of behaviour – but it’s certainly possible!

Simply grouping and controlling multiple Phantom speakers, however, isn’t the sum total of Spark’s powers. Spark allows for the control and access of all music connected to the network via the Dialog – including that stored on users devices. Users can collaborate to create playlists and share them across the network.

It’s a great, social system, ideal for families, parties or anytime you want to share music. For those who just like to sit back and listen – Spark also supports Web radio – how’s that for a full house!

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