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Monitor Audio

Monitor Audio are a renowned British audio company specialising in hi-fi speaker design. They have been working on refining and perfecting the craft of speaker design for over 40 years. Showing constant improvements in technology and components in their products. Due to this the brand is now renowned for its technical expertise, innovation, industrial design and craftsmanship. Whatever your taste or budget, Monitor Audio have it covered.  Superior designs, high performance and high quality sound is guaranteed as seen in our list of Monitor Audio Top 5 Picks below.

Monitor Audio Top 5 Picks

Monitor Audio have a constantly evolving range of products with features that make them completely unique. The brand succeed in keeping it fresh with innovative ideas and designs as well as mastering the art of discreet speaker design. Our staff here at Audio Affair are wowed time and time again by the brand’s expanding product portfolio. Therefore we have put together our Staff’s Top 5 picks of Monitor Audio products.

1. Monitor Audio IV140

Our first choice is the Monitor Audio IV140 Invisible In Wall Speaker,  a super cool custom install speaker that disappears completely into your wall or ceiling. Our staff members are totally impressed with the speaker’s inability to be spotted on some of the installation images.

2. Monitor Audio Soundframe 1

Secondly, the Monitor Audio Soundframe SF 1 On Wall Speaker has made a lasting impression. This speaker looks exactly like a picture frame when mounted on a wall.  You can even choose artwork or a photograph to display for a completely artistic focal point in the room.

Monitor Audio Top 5 Picks

3.  Monitor Audio CLG160

It’s fair to say that outdoor speakers always gain our enthusiasm, and the Monitor Audio Climate CLG160 Outdoor Speaker is no exception. This speaker ability to blend effortlessly into garden landscapes with a dark brown earthy tone while providing music enthusiasts with great sound outdoors is the reason it ranks number 3 in our list of Monitor Audio Top 5 Picks.

4. Monitor Audio AWC280-T2

Monitor Audio AWC280-T2 Stereo All Weather Speaker is part of a completely discreet range of speakers that are resistant to salt spray, water, UV, vibrations and corrosion and can be used settings exposed to a lot of moisture like pools, bathrooms and yachts.

5.  Monitor Audio SB-2 Passive Soundbar

 Monitor Audio SB-2 Passive Soundbar is our final staff pick. It features  a super sleek, contemporary design that fits seamlessly below your flatscreen TV. It also benefits from being passive which allows you to enhance your home cinema system but keep the dedicated power of an AV receiver.

Alongside our staff picks, which we love, Monitor Audio also have an outstanding range of floor-standing loudspeakers, bookshelf speakers and subwoofers. These ranges go from the best value for money Monitor range all the way up to a completely premium Gold range and provide superior sonic performance no matter your budget.


Whether  you’re looking for a full surround system, weatherproof outdoor speakers for the garden, custom installation speakers, soundbars for under the TV, subwoofers for extra impact, Monitor Audio has something to cater for all your home audio needs. Check out all the Monitor Audio ranges over at the Audio Affair website or on Monitor Audio’s own website.

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