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Monitor Audio Bronze 6G is the sixth generation of this popular speaker series. Eclipsing the previous generation, the new Bronze series focuses an immersive AV set up and includes the brand’s first ever Dolby Atmos enabled speaker.

Monitor Audio Bronze White

Monitor Audio History

Monitor Audio have a rich history in loudspeaker design and are one of the most renowned British hi-fi brands. It all began over 40 years ago in Cheltenham when Mo Iqbal founded the company in a Teversham, England. With just a small team, Monitor Audio launched the MA1, and since their launch they gave gone on to release award-winning, innovative and iconic loudspeakers enhanced with exclusive technologies. Their catalogue of speakers range from budget speakers to studio grade speakers and even custom install units that are designed for outdoor or discreet use. The Monitor, Bronze, Silver and Gold series are the company’s most popular speakers, and their recent launch of the 6th generation of Bronze represents the brand’s quest to achieve premium performance and impeccable build quality.

Bronze 6 Walnut

Monitor Audio Bronze 6G

The Bronze series fits nicely between the budget Monitor range and the Silver range while inheriting some of the technologies and performance found in the flagship Gold range. It represents great value for money and even features some trickle down technology from the Silver series.

What’s New?

Designed with home cinema in mind, the Monitor Audio Bronze sixth generation series features a new dedicated speaker for cinematic sound. Joining the two bookshelf models (Bronze 50 and Bronze 100), two floorstanders (Bronze 200 and 500), Bronze C150 centre speaker, W10 subwoofer and FX Surround speaker. The Bronze AMS is an exciting addition to the range and the first Dolby Atmos enabled speaker from Monitor Audio. The Dolby Atmos topper speaker can be placed on any loudspeaker in the range or easily wall mounted to add a new dimension to your home cinema experience.

Monitor Audio Bronze Atmos

New Contemporary Cabinet Design

The new Monitor Audio Bronze series of loudspeakers are freshly redesigned contemporary units. Designed with simplicity in mind, the clean lines and sleek appearance of Monitor Audio’s 6th generation loudspeakers make them the most modern looking yet. The colour finishes have been updated too, with the classic white and black joined by walnut and an urban grey colour.

Bronze 6 Finishes

The baffle on the cabinets provides a stylish contrast, and the matching magnetic grille for each colour finish creates a contemporary, understated yet perfectly done appearance. The focus here is on the speakers being able to blend seamlessly into any living environment, paying special attention to aesthetics.

Larger Cabinets and New Acoustic Technology

Apart from changing the aesthetics of the new Bronze series, all of the cabinets are slightly larger than the previous generation. Within these high-quality cabinets constructed using rigid MDF, is the improved driver array. The Ceramic-Ceramic driver units as seen in Bronze 5 have been slightly tweaked to feature new acoustic enhancing technologies.

Bronze Group White

The tweeter now utilises a UD (Uniform Dispersion) Waveguide for greater sound dispersion, improved time alignment and wider directivity. In the mid-bass drive units, Damped Contentric Mode (DCM) technology improves the speakers timing and accuracy. As acoustic technologies keep advancing, Monitor Audio’s constant pursuit to achieve the highest sound quality is evident as their loudspeaker designs evolve with the times.

Attention to Detail

When you get up close to the Monitor Audio Bronze loudspeaker you will notice the subtle details. One of these eye-catching features is the acoustically transparent hexagonal dispersion which is seen on the award-winning Silver and flagship Gold Series. This distinctive feature gives the Bronze speakers a subtle premium feel and is new to the 6th generation series. Even the terminals are gold-plated, and engraved in the cabinet is a 3D branded logo which gives the speakers a premium feel.

Bronze 6 Subwoofer

Alongside the key differences between the Bronze 6 and Bronze 5, there are also changes to the individual speaker specs. For instance, the W10 subwoofer decays 30% faster than it’s predecessor, and the C150 centre speaker reaches far greater volume levels and the Bronze 100 has a bigger driver than the Bronze 2 model it replaces.

As one of the only hifi brands to try their hand at special effects speaker and now stepping into new territory with their Dolby Atmos speaker, we are excited about the performance potential Monitor Audio has on offer here, and keenly await the arrival of the Bronze 6G series to try out in our West Midlands based showroom.

For more information, visit the official Monitor Audio website.

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