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Recently venturing into turntable design after years of making audiophile recordings, Mobile Fidelity’s latest hi-fi components represent the brand’s mission to complete the full vinyl experience. The brand’s newest entries come in the form of two turntables and two phono stages. Champions of LP’s, there’s no doubt that these models incorporate Mobile Fidelity’s familiarity with the recording studio and vinyl expertise to their craft.


History of Mobile Fidelity

Founded in the US in 1977, Mobile Fidelity was incepted as a record label that specialising in creating audiophile recordings such as LP’s of classic albums. Technological advancements allowed the company to develop “Original Master Recording” audiophile vinyl releases in 1980’s and more recently further advances in audiophile standards resulted in the creation excellent rice paper inner sleeves and archival sleeves. Throughout history Mobile Fidelity have been at the forefront of pioneering technologies in music reproduction, and have set the benchmark for audiophile standards throughout the globe. Continuing their commitment to this philosophy, they have recently decided to put their experience with vinyl into making turntables and vinyl accessories.

Mobile Fidelity UltraDeck Turntable

Mobile Fidelity Turntables

UltraDeck and StudioDeck Mobile Fidelity’s two turntable entries, suitable names for a company with its origins in the studio. Visually they are share a family resemblance, with a super slim satin black MDF body and aluminium. An autograph of the brand is the bright yellow nuances highlighted by the belt.

Both models are kitted out with a list of matching spec’s including identical isolated motor, studio grade tonearm bearing and a plinth that combined MDF and aluminium materials which are constrained layer dampened. Nothing gets left behind in terms of quality with these models; adjustable isolation feet and a 10 inch tonearm which is longer than the standard 9 inches are star features shared between both models.

Mobile Fidelity Turntable

Almost twinning in appearance, what is the difference between the two? Well there are several features on the Ultradeck that trump the performance of the Studiodeck. For starters, a heavier oversized Delrin platter is used ensuring greater speed stability when playing your records. Alongside this, the Ultradeck features an upgraded thrust pad in the shape of the sapphire, the same one used in the iconic turntable brand SOTA’s Sapphire turntable. The tonearm bearing on the Ultradeck is also able to reveal incredible details in the music, getting into every groove for the most complex vinyl playback.

Mobile Fidelity Phono Stages

For the already existing phono cartridges, Mobile Fidelity’s phono stages are the partner they’ve been waiting for. The Studiophono is the base model, designed to deliver sonic transparency and a desirably wide-bandwidth. Aided by the likes of Tim de Paravicini, the audio engineer behind Mobile Fidelity’s Gain2, the Studiophono features an internal circuitry devised with one thing in mind – to ensure your turntables reproduce music as close to the original recording as possible, so that vinyl recordings are reproduced with astonishing realism.

Mobile Fidelity UltraPhono Phono Stage and Headphone Amplifier

Both models benefit from mono and subsonic filter – a fantastic feature that allows for easy switching between these two modes and is especially great if you have a collection of LP’s produced as a mono recording. A plethora of gain and loading options are present in both turntables, allowing you to customise your turntable with pretty much any MM or MC cartridge. For further flexibility, the Ultraphono features a dedicated class-A headphone amplifier which is a rare offering to see on a phono stage as we have not seen many manufacturers incorporate this. The star feature of the Ultraphono, this powerful amp is ideal for anyone who wants to play vinyl and listen on headphones instead. Alternatively, for when the record spinning needs to be kept at low volumes, just plug your headphones in and enjoy a high quality personal vinyl listening session.

Wanting to take a further look at Mobile Fidelity’s hi-fi components? Head over to our main Audio Affair website to explore the brand some more.

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