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Luxman put the “lux” in luxury. This well established Japanese audio manufacturer do not miss a thing when it comes to the engineering of their fine components. Each of their amplifiers is tailored to the listeners experience, ensuring each aspect of the musical journey is assisted with the utmost attentiveness. Creating natural sound is at the heart of their product development, and each amplifier is passionately crafted to convey the true spirit of the artist and detail of each instrument. All this attention i paid so that the listener enjoys a pure and invigorating experience.

Luxman L-509X

Luxman Legacy

For over 95 years, Luxman Corporation have been at the forefront of audio manufacturing and have stayed faithful to their philosophy over this time. In 1958 they launched their first vacuum tube amplifier, the high-power MA-7A, followed by the SQ-5A vaccum tube integrated amplifier in 1961. Since the development of these products, aesthetically, there has not been much change, as their traditional looks are part their iconic legacy. Refining their amplifier,  the technology and quality of components whilst keeping the same classic designs have made Luxman the true powerhouse of the hi-fi industry that they are today.

Luxman SQ-N150 Integrated Valve Amplifier


L-509X Flagship Amplifier

Luxman have full control over the products they stage which is why they’re products have remained completely coherent in design over the last 95 years. Quality is absolute. Their flagship amplifier the L-509X has all your amplification needs in one beautiful retro box. The full flagship analogue class A/B L-509X is one of the best integrated amplifiers on the market. Performance is impeccable with the L-509X boasting an MM/MC phono stage, headphone output, switchable speaker outputs and tone controls. Highly accurate LECUA attenuation ensures user-friendly control of volume functions.

Luxman L-509X Integrated Amplifier

Breathtaking Exterior

Beautifully crafted, the build pays homage to high quality Japanese engineering. The L-509X oozes elegance, its luxury build with solid aluminium front panel and high end finish is hard to compare. Even beneath it’s breathtaking exterior, Luxman have not skimped, as even the circuit boards and power supply arrangement have been carefully constructed. The L-509X sports a white VU metre to match the other flagship models seamlessly.

Class A/B Amplifiers

L-509X integrated amplifier uses both class A and B amplification. Class A/B is more efficient than class A and has low crossover distortion due to both A/B switching for each half of the waveform. The class A region keeps most of the music signal, and the class B comes in to play to provide extra power to drive a wider range of loudspeakers. The L-509X is able to deliver a generous amount of power at 120w into 8ohms, and double that when the impedance is halved.  This amplifier delivers a beautifully sweet tone, and is able to refine musical details impeccably and perform with exceptional transparency and clarity.L-507uXII

Luxman’s other class A/B amplifiers feature the same high quality designs and exclusive technologies such as LECUA and Luxman’s Version 4.0 Only Distortion Negative Feedback. The L505uX is the entry level class A/B integrated amplifier and is the second version of the L-505. It has earned itself a respectable reputation amongst audiophiles for it’s incredible audio quality. The L-507uX is Luxman’s other class A/B integrated amp, offering 110 watts into 8 ohms, less harmonic distortion, more power and a better phono stage than its little brother.  A blue VU meter on both models indicate the amplification class.

Class A Amplifiers

Their class A purely analog amplifiers showcase the same stunning traditional design as the other models but enjoy the added benefit of a more detailed reproduction of the low range and rich sonic expression typical of pure class A sound. Class A amplification uses 100% of the input signal for output and tend to be single ended. A true high-fidelity performance is achieved as frequency response is heightened and there is no crossover distortion. Luxman’s L-550AX and L-590AX integrated amplifiers delivery this exquisitely rich and dynamic class A sound and share an orange VU meter on the front.

Luxman’s Product Range

Luxman’s high quality Japanese engineering is showcased further in their beautiful vacuum tube amplifiers. The SQ-N150 is a simply gorgeous amplifier, and fantastic in it’s ability to produce the warm and puree music reproduction known to Luxman. It is very small but beautifully engineered, with glowing valves sitting gracefully on top of it. As well as this, the LX-380 vacuum tube integrated amp looks similar to the original vacuum tube amplifiers. This classic amplifier pays homage to products of the past and is designed for your aural enjoyment with it’s reputation for delicate soft tones.

vacuum amp

Luxman’s traditional looks, exquisite designs and unsurpassed build quality go beyond just their range of amplifiers. Your high fidelity requirements are met with expressive power with their line of stereo power amps, control amps, USB DAC’s, headphone amps and phono stages. Enjoy the pleasure of genuine analog playback with Luxman’s high quality CD players and turntables.

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