Posted on Wed, 25 Mar, 2020
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Linn Series 3 marks the brand’s unique entry into the wireless speaker market boldly claiming to be the world’s best sounding wireless speaker. Capturing the essence of modern design, it’s a vision of excellence for streaming and multi-room music access, and a delight to the ears.

Linn Series 3 speaker

Linn Series 3 and Partner Speaker

The British hi-fi brand have made quite the statement with the Linn Series 3, not only in visual terms, but with the whopping price. At nearly £3000, the Series 3 wireless speaker isn’t for the faint-hearted. Linn have designed a partner speaker for the Series 3, twinning in its looks it can only be used in conjunction with the Series for bigger and better sound, ideal for enhancing TV audio.

Discreet enough to blend in-to any living environment seamlessly, but bold enough to appeal to the trendy home listener, the Series 3 is a music streaming marvel, and a winning combination of connectivity and eloquence to be heard throughout the home.

Linn Series 3 speaker

Aesthetic Excellence

Linn’s Series 3 wireless speaker with its attractive curves and soft to touch feel isn’t just style over substance. Meeting the design principles key to Linn’s successes elsewhere, the Series 3 is crafted using the finest material chosen specifically for its acoustic enhancing properties. A hand crafted all-natural mineral ceramic cabinet meets not only the requirements for ideal stiffness and dampening, but it also provides a smooth and stone-like finish that makes a wonderful centrepiece.

Design wise, this speaker is like no other. The comparisons are bounteous with the Series 3, it’s smooth white appearance is quite egg-like, an essential to any kitchen. But other than this, its natural curves mirror the simplicity and elegance of a wine glass, capturing a timeless minimalism that we can’t imagine going out of date.

A soft glow is captured on the top of the Linn Series 3 and Partner speaker with a subtle LED smart control display sitting on an illuminated glass top. Here you’ll find six discreet buttons for pairing and easy control of the devices. It’s about as tall as a casserole pan, but remains beautifully low-key despite it’s surprisingly large dimensions and almost 7kg weight. Any smaller, and this beautifully designed speaker might be mistaken for an air freshener.

Linn Series 3 speaker system

Made for Streaming

Linn’s uniformed looks and crisp modern take on wireless speaker brightens the home immaculately. It’s fair to say its beauty is charming, but how well is it spec’d out? Well the Series 3 is a modern music wonder, kitted-out with Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Bluetooth 5.0, Apple Airplay HDMI ARC and Exakt link it is access all areas for whatever music route you go down. It’s a true plug and play setup with the Linn Series 3, and once that is complete, you’re ready to stream away.

The Series 3 provides easy access via a wireless connection of choice to your favourite streaming services, connecting to Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Amazon Music or TuneIn is a breeze. Even more than this, if you’re opting for the hi-res route, the compatible Linn control app gives you access to hi-res streaming services Tidal and Qobuz for unmatched sound quality at your fingertips. You can even and pair control the Series 3 with your voice thanks to Google Assistant and amazon Alexa compatibility.

Linn Series 3 speaker

Amazing Sound in Every Room

Considerably more expensive than many of its’s competitors, but with a host of features that peak our interest, Linn’s first foray into wireless speakers is a success in the sound department. As a solo performer, the Linn Series 3 passes every test with flying colours. A master of control, the Series 3’s long throw bass/midrange driver and silk dome tweeter take authority of every music file up to a resolution of 24bit/192kHz.

In the low end, the Series 3 sets the scene with convincing realism, and the mid-range produces the warmth and character of any vocal with absolute eloquence. Even the crisp, high notes are handled impeccably, striving to reproduce each sound as faithful to the original recording – and with Exact technology it does just so.

Series 3 and Partner

Multi-Room or Stereo System

Finally, and a star feature of the Series 3 and its Partner speaker its ability to thrive whether used as a stereo system or multi-room system. The Series 3 and the Series 3 Partner speaker are a strong couple, merging together they create a convincing stereo system. The partner speaker mirrors the Series 3 in terms of connectivity options bar an Ethernet port, and features the same technology, voice assistance and plug and play setup. These two look great together, and with HDMI they are a perfect match for immersive TV audio.

If one speaker wasn’t enough, Linn’s wireless are equipped with multi-room function. This gives you the option to link multiple speakers together in other rooms throughout the room, for an enthralling home cinema experience. For a full multi-room system (which the partner speaker can be configured in), stereo system, or solo performance, the Series 3 has you covered on all bases.

For a further look into Linn’s newest wireless speaker and its partner, head over to their official website.

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