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The range of Linn Music Systems represents Linn’s finest Hi-Fi technology wrapped into clean, convenient, no-hassle packages for the modern home.

Linn is a company which has been defining the textbook definition of ‘High-End Hi-Fi’ for decades; a brand uttered in the same breath as luxury brands such as Porsche and Rolex and possessing similar aspirations of design excellence and ‘power brand’ status.

Linn Logo

Unlike the worlds of luxury cars and wristwatches, however, High-End Hi-Fi often demands the user invest a large amount of time and effort into selecting all the necessary components necessary to create a ‘system’. Whilst it’s true this is one aspect of the hobby, it is largely unique to the Hi-Fi world.

Once can’t imagine, for example being asked to buy the engine, gearbox and suspension separately and then going home to build a Rolls-Royce; Neither can one imagine buying a Breitling watch as a home assembly kit!

Linn Music Systems

Linn Music Systems are a range of serious, High-End Hi-Fi systems, which comprise simple, one-box solutions, along with matching speakers. No guess work, no tedious matching of components, just plug in and enjoy. Now doesn’t that make sense?


Linn Music Systems


Four distinct ‘tiers’ of Linn Music Systems are offered by Linn: Kiko, Majik, Akurate and Klimax.

Kiko is very much Linn’s take on the microsystem, whilst the Majik systems offer a ‘first taste’ of a Linn Music System. In Today’s Audio Affair Blog, we’ll be taking a look at the Linn Music Systems which are based on Linn’s Exakt technology.

Linn Exakt

Linn’s Exakt technology is a proprietary system for ensuring perfect timing and phase coherency; why is that important? The music we listen to spans a wide range of frequencies with bass notes having the longest wavelength and high pitched sounds having the shortest.

Ensuring that all of those different sounds arrive at the listening position at the correct time, is something Hi-Fi designers have been working towards for Decades. Linn’s Exakt system uses the very latest technology to ensure perfect phase and time alignment for remarkably natural reproduction of sound, free from distortion and artefacts.


Linn Exakt Technology


Linn’s Exakt Technology is built around close integration between the Exakt processor and compatible active speakers. Forget about trailing ugly, unsightly speaker cables to your speakers, Exakt loudspeakers require only mains power and a simple network cable connection to the DSM.

Linn Akurate Exakt DSM

Akurate‘, is Linn’s ‘mid to upper tier’ system range, sitting above the ‘Majik’ range. There are four Linn Music Systems in the Akurate series, all of which are built around the Akurate Exakt DSM network music player.

The Akurate Exakt DSM forms the central hub of the Linn Music System, offering the ability to stream all your favourite music, either via the cloud or a home network, all in outstanding audio quality. The Akurate Exakt DSM will handle everything from Studio Master downloads to Tidal streaming or internet radio.

Linn Akurate Exact DSM

Whilst the ethos of the Linn Music System is very much that of a streamlined, simple system, the Akurate Exakt DSM offers sufficient connectivity to allow connection of all the typical external sources one is likely to find around the home.

Still love vinyl? That’s no problem! The Akurate Exaxt DSM offers a very-high-quality Linn Phono pre-amp allowing you to connect your turntable with ease. Twin 4k compatible HDMI inputs mean you can now enjoy your film’s soundtracks in the finest possible quality.

Akurate Exakt DSM based Linn Music Systems

There are four, pre-packaged Linn Music Systems, based around the Akurate Exakt DSM: 520, 530, Akudorik and Akubarik. All of these systems are built around the Akurate Exakt DSM with a choice of Exakt active loudspeakers. Let’s take a look at each package in detail….

520 System

The 520 System utilises Linn’s 520 active loudspeakers; as much a beautiful piece of design as exceptional Hi-Fi, the 520 loudspeakers can be personalised via a choice of ‘Fabrik’ cover, top plate and stand. A huge range of fabrics and textiles are offered, including designer collections.

All Linn Fabrik covers, tops and stands are available separately Allowing the owner to change the appearance of their speakers to match a change in decor, or merely on a stylistic whim.

Incorporating integrated Exakt modules and power amplification, coupled to custom designed drivers, the 520 system represents a great step into the high-end world of Linn Exakt technology.

530 System

Taking all the design benefits of the 520, the 530 system uses the larger 530 loudspeakers which feature Linn’s ‘Isobarik’ bass system technology for deep, extended bass. The 530 is definitely the choice where a wide, extended frequency range is sought.


Linn 500 series speakers

Linn 500 Series Loudspeakers demonstrating custom covers and finishes


Like your speakers to make an overtly technical statement? Then Akudorik may be the Linn Music System for you! Focussing on musicality and ultra-low distortion, the Akudorik is a truly unique stand-mounted speaker.

The elegantly curved, rigid cabinet of the Akudorik cabinet houses Linn’s 3K Driver Array, coupled to a high-quality bass driver. Each driver is fed a perfect signal courtesy of the Exakt digital crossover

The Akudorik speaker stands serve a distinct function; aside from providing a striking technical statement, the stand houses the Exakt digital crossover, volume control, Linn DACs and power amplification, passing signals from stand to speaker using a unique 4-way connection. No messy cables here!


Linn Akubarik



The Linn Akubarik system features the Akubarik floor-standing loudspeaker. The Akubarik features an elegantly curved and ultra-low resonance cabinet which is available in a range of veneers and custom finishes.

As per the other Exakt enabled speakers, the Akubarik loudspeaker is fed via a single digital input from the Akurate Exakt DSM. The Amplifiers and crossovers are all contained internally for a neat, elegant solution.

The Akubarik again features Linn’s 3K driver array for delivering fantastically clear mid and high frequencies throughout your room. The Isobarik bass system delivers low frequency ‘oomph’ without needing larger cabinets or separate sub-woofers.


Linn Akubarik


Linn Klimax System

The Klimax range represents the very pinnacle of Linn’s Hi-Fi Achievements; be under no illusions that this is a seriously high-end system, with a seriously high-end price tag (£58,700 to be exact). The lucky few who are privileged enough to own such a system, however, will be aware they own something very special indeed.

Based around The flagship Linn Klimax Exakt DSM playeras the system hub, the Klimax DSM employs the very finest in construction techniques and componentry to ensure an audio experience which is unequalled. A plethora of connections including 4k HDMI, digital and analogue connections, ensure its longevity and usefulness.




To complete the Linn Klimax System, the Klimax Exakt DSM player is coupled to Linn’s Flagship Klimax 350 Exakt enabled loudspeakers. The Klimax 350 is ‘the ultimate intelligent loudspeaker’, featuring the best of Linn’s in-house technologies.

Linn describes the Klimax 350 loudspeakers as offering “The ultimate listening experience“. When coupled to the remarkable Klimax Exakt DSM player, they may have a point. The pairing truly represents the high point of Linn Music Systems, and an ultra desirable luxury purchase.

Linn Klimax 350

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