Posted on Sun, 09 Dec, 2018
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For a limited time only, you can buy the iconic legendary Linn Majik LP12 turntable alongside the Linn Majik DSM hi-fi system for a very special price.

Linn say “Every vinyl record and every studio quality digital master is packed with precious musical information. If any of that information gets lost between the original recording and your ears, your music loses some of its ability to thrill and to chill, to excite and delight”

This is where the Linn Majik LP12 turntable and Minn Majik DSM music system come in. Obsessive about preserving the sound of the original recording, these models are designed specifically to bring the sound of the original recording into your home. Also – by comining turntable with streaming system, you can enjoy the best of both worlds – the warm, tactile, nostalgic nature of vinyl and the clarity, detail and choice of streamed digital music. Just add speakers for extraordinary sound from all of your music (if you dont already have some good speakers, we recommend using Linn’s own Majik 109 stand mount speakers or Majik 140 floorstanding speakers)

Linn Majik LP12 and DSM offer

Linn Majik LP12 turntable

For over 40 years, Linn’s LP12 has been a standard for vinyl playback and this latest Majik LP12 incarnation is the best pre-packaged entry level LP12 turntable ever.

Ivor Tiefenbrun founded Linn in 1973 with the goal of building a music system that met his exacting standards and the result was the Sondek LP12. Over the last forty years, this iconic turntable design has been tweaked and improved but still retains the character of the original design.

Linn Majik LP12 turntable

Linn Majik DSM hi-fi system

Linn Majik DSM is a true “all-in-one” hi-fi system and combines a streaming network player, powerful power amplifier, and pre amplifier all in one box.

Following in his fathers footsteps, Ivan’s son Gilad now runs Linn and just like the LP12 did for vinyl, the Majik DSM system has revolutionised the sound possible from streamed music. Linn’s DSM systems were the first network players to play “studio master” recordings in their full 24-bit, 192KHz glory for a sound as close as possible to sitting there in the studio yourself.

In addition, you can enjoy other sources through the Majik DSM. Plug in your blu ray player, 4K TV, or anything else in the Aux inputs to enjoy Linn quality sound.

Linn Majik DSM hi-fi system silver

Space Optimisation

In addition to this being an excellent deal, every buyer of the Linn Majik DSM will benefit from our Linn’s Space Optimisation technology. This tailors the sound of the system and fine tunes the speakers to the acoustics of your room. We provide this set-up service personally along with the LP12. In other words, we will come to your home and personally set-up both the Majik LP12 and Majik DSM system to ensure they sound at your best in your home.

So what are you waiting for? Call 0121 224 73007401 or email us to book a demonstration to book a demonstration of Linn Majik in our showroom. This offer is available until 29th January 2019.

Linn Majik DSM hi-fi system black with 109 speakers

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