Posted on Thu, 26 Mar, 2020
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Lindemann’s latest venture is an exciting set of ultra-modern hi-fi separates in the form of the Lindemann Limetree Range. Five new releases, namely the Limetree Phono Stage, Headphone Amplifier, Bridge, USB DAC and Network Player are tiny in dimensions but kitted-out with specs. Limetree accommodates for both traditional and modern wonders of accessing music and represents the finest standards of scaled-back, simple and functional hi-fi.

Driven by a passion for music and innovative ethos, the Limetree range represents the winning combination of simplicity and functionality that’s at the heart of brands product design. A well established brand, Lindemann’s product catalog are well grounded in the high end spectrum of hi-fi, and this range follows in their previous footsteps.

Lindemann Limetree

Lindemann Limetree Range

A hark to minimalist design, Limetree range is a stunningly uniformed set of hi-fi separates that takes style into consideration. These flattering units that compliment each other beautifully, and even better have the tiniest of footprints. For all your hi-fi needs, be it digital or analogue, the ultra-compact Lindemann Limetree range of components offer unlimited access to audiophile grade listening in the smallest of spaces.

Limetree Phono Stage

The Lindemann Limetree Phono Stage is your turntables best friend. This tiny metal boxes has us marvelling at its ridiculous dimensions, but all the while its fair to say this powerful unit surpasses its size. The build is solid. beautifully neat and subtle. It’s easily switchable between MM and MC, and RCA inputs for both.  Offering flexibility and effortless installation, the Phono Stage further ability to deliver unmistakably expressive dynamics.  It’s an outstanding gift for vinyl enthusiasts, offering a detailed and articulate sound and incredible rhythmic coordination.

lindemann limetree headphone amplifier_front_2_

Headphone Amplifier

There’s no fuss or frills with the Lindemann Limetree headphone amp, just a focus on what matters. Stripped back, this is purist headphone amp operates purely analog domain and also functions as a eloquent pre-amp. It handles any headphone up to 16-300 ohms exquisitely, with stunning tonality. There’s No DAC, and the unit features three outputs for connecting to other devices such as a phono stage, CD player, or streamer and one line output for connecting to your active loudspeakers or amplifier. The effortless simplicity of this headphone amp is infectious, and it’s complimented by it’s beautifully sleek design, perfectly finished with an engraved leaf on the top like all the other models.

Lindemann Limetree Bridge


Limetree Bridge is designed to bring studio quality sound to the home. This network adaptor provides a way to transfer digital music files to your DAC or other digital device in true studio quality. The focus is on digital here, with the Bridge acting essentially as a streamer without he decoding abilities. It has a digital coaxial and optical outputs, wireless connectivity and USB port which is only really for connecting to external hard drives. It’s main aim? To give older DACs with only digital connections a new lease of life and ability to work with a modern streamer. In regards to music quality, the Bridge makes it easy to listen to hi-res files as it supports PCM 384 and DSD 256.


Lindemann’s Limetree USB DAC is not just a digital to analog converter with USB, toslink and coaxial Inputs, this ultra compact metal box of technology doubles as a headphone amp that can also be used as a preamp. It supports DSD encoding meaning it can be used in conjunction with high resolution files up to PCM 768/ native DSD 5-12. A jitter-free performance is ensured with the MEMS Femtoclock whilst the AK4493 Converter ensures a beautifully musical, pure and uncompromised audio performance from your computer.

Limetree Network

Network player

The most expensive component in the Lindemann Limetree range is the Network Player. A  one box network player with an unusual selection of connectivity options for whichever music source you decide to use. There’s only the option of RCA pairing for the outputs, and not even a digital output. What you get is a USB input, Ethernet port, and options to connect over wireless home network and aptX Bluetooth. When connecting a CD drive to the Network Player, it can be used as a cost-effective, convenient CD player. All streaming stations are covered with the compatible Lindemann app for high-resolution music streaming. With such flexibility, it’s amazing how easy to use the Network Player is, it really does have it all.

For discreet and convenient solutions for high quality sound, the Lindemann Limetree range offers the very essentials for audiophile grade listening at home. To explore the range further, and the Lindemann Musicbook Network streamer v4, head over to our main website or visit the official Lindemann Audio website.

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