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Klipsch Reference range couples the legendary heritage of loudspeaker experts Klipsch, with modern design and affordability.

Klipsch: one of the worlds’ oldest and most established loudspeaker manufacturers. Amongst their classic designs sits the Reference range; an affordable series of modern loudspeakers with a distinctive look and a great sound.

A well-kept secret? Let’s take a look in more detail and get up to speed on everything Klipsch Reference…

Klipsch Reference

Klipsch Loudspeakers

The Klipsch brand is extremely well known in the USA, yet here in Europe, it enjoys a much quieter knowledge and reverence. Here at Audio Affair, we feel this is a state of affairs which deserves to change!

In business for over 70 years, Klipsch’s product line and “back catalogue” comprises many truly classic designs such as the Klipschorn, the La Scala, and the Heresy series loudspeakers. These are bonafide classic pieces with an international cult following.


In 1999, Klipsch Launched their Reference range; from the outset, the Reference range embodied the desire to use the most up to date technology and materials to produce seriously high-performance loudspeakers, at an attainable price point.

With their characteristic gold drivers and black cabinets, the Klipsch Reference range is immediately recognisable. Hugeley popular in the USA, and judging by our sales figures, soon to be hugely popular here, too!

Klipsch Reference

The current range of Klipsch Reference loudspeakers comprises everything from the humble bookshelf speaker, through to floor standers, subwoofers, and even complete home cinema packages (more on those shortly).

Launched in 2010 the current and fifth generation Klipsch Reference II speakers combine high-end materials, high-quality construction and innovative technologies with the aim of creating an accurate and entertaining listening experience.

Horn technology has been a part of Klipsch’s design heritage, going right back to Paul W Klipsch’s original Klipschorns. The Reference range also takes advantage of the benefits of horn technology by using a Tractrix horn tweeter setup.

All models in the Klipsch Reference range display a sensitivity rating, far in excess of that of most “budget” loudspeakers. Even the modest R14M bookshelf speakers deliver a 90db sensitivity, unheard of at this price point.

Rising up the range, the RP280F floor standers deliver an astonishing 98db sensitivity, as well as an impressively deep and wide bandwidth of 32Hz to 25kHz! Seriously impressive specifications for a speaker costing many times the price.

Klipsch RP280F

Klipsch Reference Home Cinema

No “budget” range of loudspeakers would be complete nowadays, without dedicated home cinema components. To this end, the Klipsch Reference range also incorporates a selection of subwoofers, centre channel and surround speaker components.

A dedicated subwoofer can provide tremendous benefits in any situation, and no home cinema setup would be complete without one. Klipsch Reference subwoofers start with the compact and affordable R-8SW all the way up to the monstrous R-115SW which features a huge 15″ driver.

Filling out the other channels come a series of centre channel and atmos speakers. The R25C is a dedicated centre channel speaker, designed to perfectly complement other speakers in the Klipsch Reference range. Klipsch also offers neat solutions to providing Atmos height channels…

The Klipsch R14SA and RP-140SA are dedicated atmos height channel speakers, which are perfectly designed to fit on top of your main channel speakers. Additionally, their neat “wedge” design, means they also serve double duty as wall-mountable surround speakers, too. Nifty!


Klipsch Reference – Affordable Quality and Performance

As you can see, where there’s a requirement for an affordable high-performance loudspeaker, the Klipsch Reference range has you covered. Whether it’s conventional two-channel or surround, stand mount, floor standing, subwoofer, or surround, there’s a speaker to fulfil your needs.

One of the Hi-Fi industry’s best-kept secrets? Why not find out for yourself!

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